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    We find out what they do, participants of the reality show – Zadruga 5

    Lots of juicy details from their private lives

    The new, and at the same time the last season of the reality show “Zadruga” has started, and 59 participants moved to Simanovci on the first night. Now, in the final fifth season, in addition to the older ones, new, intriguing participants were introduced to the audience.

    Among the numerous competitors from different countries, there were many from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We found out who they are and what they do and a lot of juicy details from their private lives that will probably be interesting to the loyal audience of the reality show.

    Problems with a woman

    Vladimir Peles from Tuzla is a former boxer. He also admitted last night that he has a problem with his ex-wife and seeing a child. He has a hard time falling in love, he is prone to one-night stands.

    MC Isko from Banja Luka says that he knows how to burn quickly, that he is not a person who would just get into conflicts and fights. In the Cooperative, he would not like to break his word, especially because he has a fiancee, that is, not to have an affair.

    Chaos in the announcement

    Irma Sejranic wants to sing, she is also known to the public for numerous scandals. During her participation in the reality show “Couples” on the show “Meet Couples”, she stated that she was allegedly in a relationship with rapper Bub Corelli, who had a fiancée at the time.

    As she said, it was an informal relationship.

    – That’s true, no problem I’ll say. I had some unofficial relationship with Buba Corelli, a couple of people, in reality, knew it. It always comes to me in a dream somehow. It lasted four and a half months, it was a turbulent relationship that arose when two perverted crazy heads came together. He is someone who loves women like me – said Irma then, and added:

    – She’s not his wife, she’s his fiancee! I’ve asked him a thousand times when you’re going to get married, he doesn’t intend to yet. He addresses her with his wife because they have been together for 10 years. She is against me, calm, and I am a lioness – Sejranic explained at the time.

    Apart from Buba, Irma was close with Nenad Marinkovic Gastoza, which she admitted in the above-mentioned reality show, and love affairs are only a part of her turbulent past.

    We find out what they do, participants of the reality show - Zadruga 5

    Bad family relationships

    Already known to the public for her participation in reality shows, Dalila Dragojevic used to work in Mujic ‘s mini-markets owned by her father. As a very young girl, she became independent and learned to take care of herself. After a while, she quarreled with her family and then decided to enter reality. She repeatedly talked through the media about bad relations with her family.

    We find out what they do, participants of the reality show - Zadruga 5

    Open to love

    Dino Dizdarevic, a football player from Bosnia and Herzegovina, says that he is crazy, charming, that women love him, and that he left his fiancée after four years because he found out that she cheated on him. He leaves the possibility to fall in love with the Cooperative. He is the best friend of Marinko Zovko, the former fiancé of Ivo Grgurić, the winner of the third season.

    We find out what they do, participants of the reality show - Zadruga 5

    Damir Karaosmanovic better known as MC Damiro is a Swedish musician of Bosnian origin, best known for his participation in reality shows.

    We find out what they do, participants of the reality show - Zadruga 5

    Damiro entered the reality show for the first time in September 2017.

    “Pink” television promoted him as a new participant in the “Cooperative” show. He introduced himself to the family as a musician who recorded a duet with Stamina. His entry especially delighted starlet Maca Diskrecija (Senada Nurkic).

    However, after a few hours, he said that he could not stay there, so he jumped over the fence and left the property where this reality show is taking place. One of the participants, and later the finalist of the “Cooperative”, blogger Luna Djogani, characterized the move by saying that he was caught in a crisis because he is a user of illicit narcotics.

    Because of that statement, Damiro came into conflict with Luna’s mother, singer Anabela Atijas.

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