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    Why March Is the Saddest Day for Sergej Cetkovic – He’ll Never Hug Her Again

    Sergej Cetkovic reflects on the poignant sadness of March

    Today marks the birthday of Sergej Cetkovic, a day that holds deep significance for him beyond the celebration of another year of life. It coincides with International Women’s Day, a day meant to honor and celebrate women worldwide. However, for Sergej, this date carries a heavy burden of sorrow.

    Tragically, on this same date in 2021, Sergej experienced an immense loss as he laid his beloved mother, Dragica, to rest. Her passing, a victim of the COVID-19 pandemic, left an indelible void in his heart. Just a short time later, Sergej faced another devastating blow with the loss of his father, compounding the grief and sorrow he already bore.

    Reflecting on these profound losses, Sergej acknowledges the abruptness with which life can change, leaving those left behind to grapple with the fragility of existence. “My parents Slobodan and Dragica left us, unfortunately, very quickly, one after the other, but at that moment, I was already a mature man, aware of life and its transience,” he shares.

    In the face of such profound sorrow, Sergej finds solace in his family, who serve as a source of comfort and support during these difficult times. “That pain and emptiness will never disappear, but fortunately, I have my family, which is my refuge and comfort, and with whom I have managed to overcome all those very difficult moments,” he reveals.

    Despite the passage of time, Sergej admits that he has yet to find the strength to dedicate a song to his parents, as their memory continues to resonate deeply within him.

    “Not yet. I still find them in all those songs they loved to listen to,” he confesses.

    As he navigates the complexities of grief and loss, Sergej embraces the notion that life must continue, albeit forever altered by the absence of his beloved parents. Though the pain may never fully dissipate, he remains steadfast in his resolve to honor their memory and find meaning amidst the sorrow.

    Latest Posts


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