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    The trendiest leather jackets for spring and summer 2024 – biker and distressed styles

    Explore the Latest Trends in Leather Jackets for 2024

    Leather outerwear has become a leader on the runway for the spring-summer 2024 season. The most famous brands have bet on bold yet elegant styles: vintage-style motorcycle jackets and leather coats that captured the hearts of girls several years ago. This time, designers did not limit themselves in creativity and included everything in their collections at once, so both motorcycle jackets and classic jackets are in trend. We’ll tell you what to pay attention to this spring and what the leading fashionistas of the world, from Hailey Bieber to Bella Hadid, will be wearing.

    Vintage Style

    Just take a look at Emily Ratajkowski’s wardrobe and understand the main trend of the season — in this spring-summer season, it’s worth giving preference to vintage-style leather jackets and coats. How to identify them? First of all, there are always distress marks. Many modern brands even deliberately create leather items with distress marks, which will become even more pronounced with wear. Secondly, these are fitted short or long coats with a belt — this is what Nikola Peltz, a follower of the 2000s, was recently spotted wearing.

    Photo: Marie Claire

    The color palette also plays an important role here. You can choose a relatively trendy cut of outerwear but opt for a distressed brown or green shade. Also, pay attention to the details: large buttons, fur trim, numerous belts — all of these take us back to the past.

    Crop Jacket

    Crop length in outerwear is far from the most practical, but it’s the most stylish, especially when it comes to spring and summer. As soon as the weather allows for wearing cropped jackets, be sure to try on a biker jacket, bomber, or bold style. In this combination, it’s important to maintain a balance of proportions: the outerwear should reach the waist, and the bottom — pants, skirt, or jeans — should be high-waisted.

    Photo: Marie Claire

    Motorcycle Jacket

    The narrow jacket in a sporty style, borrowed by the most popular girls from their motorcycle rider boyfriends, became a real hit of the spring-summer season several years ago. It quickly appeared in our lives and just as quickly disappeared. However, in 2024, the stars are once again bringing this item back into fashion, with both Nikola Peltz and Bella Hadid contributing to its resurgence.

    Photo: Marie Claire

    But before succumbing to temptation and buying a motorcycle jacket, carefully assess your wardrobe, as it will fit into not every style. If you are close in spirit to the aesthetics of the 2000s and the late 90s, then boldly wear it and be trendy.

    Bright Colors

    We are used to seeing leather jackets in basic shades on top models: black, brown, gray. But this season, brands worldwide are urging us to look at other colors — bright, bold, unconventional. Choose a jacket or leather coat in a shade unusual for you and surprise not only passersby but also yourself. If it’s difficult for you to go for such experiments, consider patterned items or color blocking.

    Photo: Marie Claire

    Leather Coat

    Who would have thought that the classic beige trench would one day gain a new sound and turn into a sexy leather coat that millions of girls around the world choose every season. Some wear it bare, following the rules of cult rock women, while others experiment with style and wear them with vintage sneakers, baggy jeans, and panamas.

    Photo: Marie Claire

    What should you pay attention to? The material itself: it should be dense and non-shiny, otherwise, your coat will look cheap and tasteless. In the case of such outerwear, it’s worth giving preference to a basic color palette, as the item itself is already accentuated.

    Biker Jacket

    Photo: Marie Claire

    The biker jacket can confidently be called a classic of the genre — it will never go out of style. It can be hip-length or waist-length, with rugged or dropped shoulders, solid color or printed. Girls love it for its concise design, which allows you to style the jacket with a variety of clothing in the wardrobe: from airy floral dresses to ripped jeans and cargo pants.

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