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    GTA 6 announcement triggers massive comeback for vintage GTA series on Netflix

    GTA 6 Sparks Vintage Grand Theft Auto Series Comeback on Netflix | Take Two Interactive

    The gaming community’s anticipation for the upcoming ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ (GTA 6) has sparked a renewed interest in classic GTA games, leading to their dominance on Netflix’s gaming platform. According to Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games which develops the GTA series, the excitement surrounding the announcement of GTA 6 has created a “halo effect” that has propelled the entire franchise to new heights of popularity.

    During a recent earnings call, Strauss Zelnik, CEO of Take Two Interactive, highlighted the exceptional performance of the “Grand Theft Auto Trilogy” on Netflix’s gaming platform, attributing its success to the buzz generated by the forthcoming GTA 6. This trilogy, which was released in 2021, bundles together three iconic games from the series: “Grand Theft Auto III,” “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City,” and “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,” originally launched between 2001 and 2004.

    Netflix, which ventured into mobile gaming in 2021 through Netflix Games, saw the GTA trilogy quickly ascend to the top of its gaming platform, signaling the strong attachment and nostalgia gamers hold for the franchise. This move is part of Netflix’s strategy to enhance user engagement and offer a more diverse entertainment experience, as noted by Investor’s Business Daily.

    The announcement of GTA 6 in December not only led to a surge in popularity across all GTA titles but also significantly boosted the sales of “Grand Theft Auto V,” which has sold over 195 million units since its 2013 release. Take Two’s CFO, Lainie Goldstein, revealed that the game’s sales last quarter “exceeded expectations,” underscoring the lasting appeal of the GTA series.

    Despite the excitement, the revelation that GTA 6 would only be released in 2025 led to a temporary dip in Take Two’s stock price. Nonetheless, the announcement itself was a major event, with the game’s first trailer breaking YouTube records for the most views for a non-music video, according to Zelnik.

    The collaboration between Rockstar Games and Netflix to feature the GTA Trilogy has been deemed a “resounding success” by Zelnik, who expressed interest in expanding their partnership with Netflix Games, provided the consumer interest and economic terms remain favorable.

    As Take-Two Interactive looks forward to a “transformative” period in the coming years, with plans to launch dozens of new titles, the company projects revenues to exceed $7 billion for the fiscal year 2025. This growth trajectory highlights the enduring popularity of the Grand Theft Auto franchise and its significant impact on the gaming industry and beyond.

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