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    Five embarrassing truths about marriage that you mistakenly consider a problem

    In any serious relationship or marriage, it is important that the partners accept the fact that there is no perfect life in which at least small turbulences will not occur. It is important that both parties accept the fact that they live and build their lives with a human being who has his flaws and shortcomings and that not every moment can be perfect.

    With a lot of beautiful moments, the less beautiful ones are inevitable. Quarrels, misunderstandings, hurt feelings … All this will happen at some point, and instead of trying to avoid them, a better option is to accept the fact that they are part of a relationship or marriage and unpleasant things, which may not always be a problem. for a relationship.

    Below we have singled out five unpleasant truths about marriage that are often considered a problem, although they may not be:

    1. Sometimes it seems to you that you are having sex – as a job

    It probably feels good to you. Passion needs to be nurtured, but hectic lifestyles and crowded schedules often lead to less and less room for spontaneity, so sex becomes arranged, predictable and less romantic.

    However, this may not be the problem that will end your relationship. All that matters is that you become aware of that fact and work on making things more interesting. Communicate openly and prioritize your sex life over other things to keep the relationship healthy.

    2. Sometimes you will be close to hating your partner

    Only the people you love the most can get under your skin so much that you sometimes hate them. Keep in mind that the opposite of love is not really hatred, but indifference. In marriages and relationships, quarrels are normal in which you will seem to hate the other side and you need to know that conflicts are natural, they happen, and the way you deal with conflict will determine whether your relationship will grow or fall.

    3. Your social life will change

    Although many couples at the beginning of a serious relationship or marriage utter the sentence that a new step will not affect their social life, it is simply not possible.

    You need to understand that it is important for you and your partner to have time just for yourself in which to build a relationship. While it is careful to include others in your daily routine, it is not always healthy for a marriage.

    4. You will also run into unsolvable problems

    Not every problem in marriage is solvable and it is important to know and recognize it. If you realize that you are constantly coming back to an argument, it is possible that this is one of the unsolvable problems.

    It is important to recognize the difference between solvable and unsolvable because you will have to solve unsolvable problems in another way. For example, if one of you is very sociable and the other is not, that won’t change. If someone is forgetful, anger over things they forget will not help.

    The good thing is that when you stop trying to solve the unsolvable and start working on ways to manage those things, they will stop making problems.

    5. Your spouse is not you

    It may sound ridiculous to you, but this is an important realization that partners need to understand, especially after the excitement from the beginning of the marriage fades.

    Because no matter how blinded you were during the romantic phase of the relationship and thought you were so similar, at some point you will have to wake up in a harsh reality where you didn’t marry for yourself.

    You are married to a person who has their own thoughts, feelings and opinions different from yours. Maybe not all, but some differences will certainly appear. And that’s fine. The ability to respect the world of our partner and vice versa is key to a successful relationship.

    It is important that you learn to love and appreciate differences because they actually make your other half unique.

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