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    Queen Elizabeth herself must abide by these 12 strict rules of protocol

    The protocol of the English court is reputed to be one of the strictest in the world. It is therefore not surprising that members in the golden cage, like Duchess Kate, have to go to a noble school for years to learn and establish all the regulations. But it’s not just William’s wife and their loved ones who have to follow strict instructions. There are rules that even the head of the British royal family cannot break, whether the queen likes it or not.

    They do not have the right to vote

    The Queen or Kate at the polls? Never! Their choice could ultimately influence the opinion of the rest of the population.

    They must not hold any political office

    The same principle: this is to ensure that no member of the royal family can influence public opinion or use the service for personal gain. If this rule applied to everyone…

    They are not allowed to eat shellfish

    Admittedly, this rule is more of a precaution than a requirement. Basically, it serves to prevent allergic reactions or food poisoning.

    The order must be observed on official occasions

    Kate enters the hall first? That will never happen! Whoever stands, walks, or sits where is strictly regulated. The one with the highest rank, in this case, the queen, always goes first.

    It can be eaten only when the queen reaches for the golden spoon

    So, if the queen eats, others are allowed to eat as well, and if the queen stops, this also applies to everyone, by the way, to all other members of the royal family. So, if you are really hungry, fast food is on the agenda. You never know…

    They must not be of the Catholic faith

    British kings have always had to be loyal to the Church of England. However, in 2011 a law was relaxed that forbade members of the Crown from marrying members of any Catholic faith.

    They must not be touched by those who are not members of the royal family

    This certainly does not mean handling. But hugging, as celebrities often do when posing with William, Kate or Harry, is actually strictly forbidden. How good it is that normal mortals don’t know this and that Kate and William are too dear to say anything. It would be a shame, wouldn’t it?


    Clothing should not send ambiguous messages

    Only the length of the skirt is not precisely stated in the protocol. The clothing of the royal family should be modern and elegant, but it should never convey a political or social message. (Blue ribbon on lapel as a protest against the ban on entering the United States? Unthinkable!)

    They are not allowed to wear fur

    This rule of Edward III. dates from the 12th century. Still, the Queen, Duchess Camilla, and even Kate have already been seen with some hairy accessories.

    They must gratefully accept gifts

    No matter what they get, they have to take it. And since all gifts belong to the crown, the queen decides who will receive which gift.

    They have to spend Christmas together

    At least that’s always been the case until 2016. One year Kate broke with tradition and spent the holidays with William and two children with family in Bucklebury. The queen was reportedly not thrilled.

    There must always be at least six ravens in the Tower of London

    This rule goes back to an old legend that says that when there are no more ravens on the tower, the kingdom will fall. Pretty melodramatic, but it is said: it is safe for sure.

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