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    Jessica Lange’s Candid Critique: Hollywood’s Creative Decline

    In a thought-provoking interview with The Telegraph, renowned actress Jessica Lange has voiced her concerns about the diminishing creativity in Hollywood, declaring it a place where “creativity is secondary now to corporate profits.”

    At 74 years old, Lange expressed her intention to step back from filmmaking if this trend persists, emphasizing that she is ready to “start phasing out of filmmaking.”

    In her candid remarks, Lange lamented the shift in emphasis away from artistry, storytelling, and the artist themselves, towards the sole pursuit of satisfying shareholders. She believes this shift has led to a diminishment of both the artist and the art of filmmaking.

    Furthermore, Lange expressed her disappointment in the scarcity of “wonderful films by really great filmmakers” that offer compelling narratives and well-crafted characters. As a result, she confessed to having “no desire to see 90 percent” of theatrical releases.

    Lange, known for her iconic role in the 1976 film “King Kong” and her appearances in “American Horror Story,” made it clear that she has little interest in the blockbuster comic-book franchise films that dominate today’s industry. She sees these films as sacrificing the art of filmmaking for the sake of profit.

    Beyond the issue of creativity, Lange criticized ageism in Hollywood and the prevalence of “frantic editing” in contemporary films. She questioned whether this trend is driven by filmmakers’ concerns about holding the audience’s attention, expressing her frustration with such filmmaking practices.

    As she contemplates her future in the industry, Lange remains pragmatic, stating, “I’m sure they won’t miss me at all.” However, her candid critique sheds light on the challenges facing artists in Hollywood and the broader shifts in the film industry’s priorities.

    Latest Posts


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