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    Brad Pitt’s latest fashion statement shakes up the industry

    Brad Pitt Surprises All in Exclusive God's True Cashmere Tracksuit

    In a surprising fashion turn, Brad Pitt, known for his casual and self-designed clothing choices, stepped out in a distinct black tracksuit adorned with abstract patterns and a skull. The actor, usually seen in nonchalant attire, showcased a style more reminiscent of a rapper than his usual laid-back aesthetic.

    Pitt, who typically avoids black and patterns, donned the eye-catching tracksuit, revealing that it’s part of the collection from the luxury fashion brand “God’s True Cashmere.” The actor co-founded the brand with his friend and holistic healer, Sata Hari. The tracksuit comes with a hefty price tag of 4,250 euros, reflecting the brand’s commitment to high-end fashion.

    The particular sweatshirt Pitt wore is part of a limited collection, a collaboration with British artist Thomas Houseag, a close friend of the actor. Houseag described the clothes bearing his signature as “gentle, safe, and made with God’s energy.”

    The actor was spotted in the statement tracksuit while leaving an art studio, carrying a stack of books on architecture and sipping flavored mineral water from a can. Despite the unusual attire, Pitt maintained his trademark smile and engaged in friendly conversations with random passers-by. The actor even took a moment to pose with admirers before hopping into his Porsche Taycan Turbo S, valued at 185 thousand euros.

    Brad Pitt’s foray into distinctive fashion choices has sparked curiosity and conversations about the God’s True Cashmere collection. Fans and fashion enthusiasts are eager to explore this unexpected side of the actor’s creativity, as he continues to surprise with his unique ventures.

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