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    Play has started ticket sales for flights to Orlando in us

    The play has started ticket sales for flights to Orlando in the United States. It is planned to fly three times a week to Orlando, but the first flight is scheduled for September 30.

    Flights will be to Orlando International Airport on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This will be PLAY’s fourth destination in the United States, with the other three destinations being Boston, Baltimore / Washington DC, and New York.

    What enables Play to fly to Orlando is a new Airbus A321neo Long Range (LR) aircraft that is expected to join the company’s fleet as summer draws to a close. The play has so far used Airbus A321neo aircraft, but the Airbus A321neo LR is a comparable aircraft but has the advantage over its sister aircraft that it can carry more fuel and therefore has more range.

    “With the introduction of the Airbus A321neo LR, we entered a market that was not previously open to Play. We use the latest generation of A320 / 1neo from the Airbus manufacturer, which is the most sought-after aircraft in the world today, and the Long Range version of these aircraft will be of great use, “says Birgir Jónsson, CEO of Play.

    “I’m convinced that our entry into Orlando will shake up the Florida market significantly. We have looked at the prices that our competitors have offered to and from the area and we believe we can easily offer much lower prices on this popular route, both the many Icelanders who make their way to Florida and connecting passengers between Florida and Europe. Play is a real low-cost airline that aims to offer the best price on the market. With our arrival at this popular destination, more people will be able to travel to Florida and experience this wonderful area. ”

    The state of Orlando, Florida is a destination characterized by adventure, recreation, and entertainment in a sunny and modern urban landscape. Travelers of all ages can find something to their liking in Orlando. The city has some of the most popular theme parks in the world, including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Legoland Florida. There are many outdoor activities and a large selection of varied entertainment.

    From Orlando International Airport, it will also be possible to travel on the Brightline Expressway through Florida. The expansion of the Brightline express train system has come a long way, and it can be expected that it will be possible to travel by train to Miami from Orlando International in early 2023, for example.

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