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    Croatian Singer Maja Suput Throws Unforgettable Birthday Bash

    Instagram Posts Reveal Glamorous Celebration with Celebrity Guests

    Maja Suput, often referred to as the Croatian Jelena Karleusa, recently took to Instagram to share photos from her birthday celebration, turning it into a night to remember.

    In her Instagram post, Maja Suput expressed her gratitude for the unforgettable night, saying, “Last night, on Platform 16, we boarded a carriage full of good friends, wonderful wishes, songs, and fun. On the rails that start the new birthday year. Traveling by train has never been more fun! Thank you to all the passengers who embarked on another journey through life with me.”


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    For this special occasion, the birthday girl donned a striking transparent lace jumpsuit that left her underwear clearly visible. Her hair was elegantly styled in a low bun, and she sported flawless makeup on her face. Throughout the celebration, Maja was on her feet, dancing with infectious energy, and, of course, serenading her guests with her captivating voice.

    The star-studded guest list included many well-known faces, such as Jelena Perić, Momčilo Gurović, Karlo Rusan, Anita Tuček, and Marko Grubnić. Marko Grubnić even shared glimpses of the celebratory atmosphere in his Instagram stories, giving fans a peek into the glamorous festivities.

    Maja Suput’s birthday bash was a night of glitz, glamour, and music, making it an unforgettable event for all in attendance. With her larger-than-life personality and a circle of celebrity friends, it’s no surprise that her birthday celebration turned into a party to remember.

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