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    Total War: Pharaoh Delayed to ‘Early 2024’ on Epic Games Store Due to Social Functions Integration

    Developer Creative Assembly announces a delay for Total War: Pharaoh on the Epic Games Store to ensure integration of social functions, while the Steam release remains on schedule for October 11th.

    Gamers anticipating the release of Total War: Pharaoh next month, scheduled for October 11th, have received some unexpected news. Developer Creative Assembly has announced a delay in the game’s release on the Epic Games Store, pushing it to “early 2024.” The reason behind this delay is an unusual one; Creative Assembly stated that they were “recently asked to help support the integration of social functions before we can launch on the Epic Games Store, and we’ll need additional time to help make that happen.”

    It’s essential to note that the October 11th release date on Steam remains unaffected. All pre-orders placed on the Epic Games Store have been automatically canceled, allowing customers to explore other options. Affected customers should expect an email confirming this cancellation directly from the Epic Games Store support team.

    Total War: Pharaoh continues the legacy of historical strategy games from Creative Assembly, transporting players to the waning days of the Bronze Age and the intense conflicts between the Egyptians, Hittites, and the enigmatic Sea Peoples. Eurogamer’s Chris Tapsell shared initial impressions earlier this year, describing Pharaoh as a game that “feels a bit more considered and also a little understated compared to recent Total Wars.”

    To reiterate, Total War: Pharaoh will launch as planned on Steam on October 11th. Players who pre-order on Steam will have the opportunity to participate in the game’s early access weekend from September 29th to October 2nd. However, if you prefer the Epic Games Store, you’ll need to exercise patience until “early 2024” for its release—a unique kind of Epic Games Store exclusive!

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