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    French foreign minister says france won’t intervene militarily in Ukraine

    French Foreign Minister: France Won't Intervene Militarily in Ukraine

    French foreign minister Stephane Sejournet emphasized that france will not deploy military forces to Ukraine, stating that the french will not die for ukraine as their borders are clearly established. however, he stressed that france will endeavor to prevent russia from achieving victory in the conflict. speaking to ukrinform, sejournet underscored the importance of avoiding war and ensuring the security of french citizens, outlining a strategy focused on thwarting russian advances.

    “the french will not die for ukraine or engage in combat, as our borders are well-defined with the aim of preventing russia from prevailing,” sejournet affirmed, echoing the sentiments expressed by the president of france.

    despite the reluctance to engage militarily, sejournet warned of the dire consequences of ukraine’s collapse, emphasizing the global ramifications of such an outcome. he also referenced recent statements by french president emmanuel macron, portraying france’s stance as aligning with historical righteousness.

    furthermore, sejournet voiced concerns over russia’s intentions beyond ukraine, citing reports of moldova and transnistria seeking protection from moscow. drawing parallels to historical events, he cautioned against repeating the mistakes of the past, evoking the specter of the sudeten crisis of 1938.

    meanwhile, canadian defense minister bill blair indicated that canada could provide non-combat training assistance to ukraine, avoiding direct confrontation with russia. this stance aligns with the broader international effort to support ukraine while averting escalation with russia.

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