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    Nemanja Cipranic, director of the Serbian series filmed in secret – “Black Wedding” – the first horror in this area after “Butterflies”

    The series “Black Wedding”, a Serbian horror psychological thriller, had its world premiere recently at the 27th Sarajevo Film Festival, where the audience had the opportunity to watch the first two episodes.

    The film crew was in Sarajevo, and the creators of this series are screenwriter Strahinja Madzarevic and director Nemanja Cipranic, who discovered that the journey from the idea to the premiere took as many as three years. Also, the series was filmed in strict secrecy, and until recently little was known about it, and the reason for that is exclusively hyperproduction in Serbia, because of which, as pointed out, no project can come to life and get the attention it deserves.

    Ancient rites

    That’s why they didn’t want to reveal how the season of 10 episodes ends, which is a whole for itself, and whether there will be a sequel. That, as they say, they leave to the viewers to conclude.

    It is only known that it deals with the world of magic and ancient rituals, ie Vlach magic, which is considered to be the strongest after voodoo and that it is very difficult to take off. According to the morbid custom, which has been held in eastern Serbia until today, when a young man dies and is ready to get married, a so-called black wedding is being prepared for him. He is buried in a black formal suit, and is accompanied by a girl, fiancee or some other woman dressed in a wedding dress next to the grave. In order to calm the soul of the deceased, she enters into a symbolic marriage with the deceased, which lasts a year, after which the bride acquires the right to find someone, a “living” husband.

    In an interview with “Media”, director Nemanja Cipranic said, among other things, that the TV premiere in Serbia is planned for October, but he also spoke about the reactions he expects, the cast, the fight between good and evil. He pointed out that he was glad to be invited to SFF.

    – First of all, I hope that you will have the opportunity to watch the series throughout BiH. Expectations … Eh, of course, is the first venture of its kind, the first series that deals at least approximately with that topic since the time of Yugoslavia when Djordje Kadijevic worked on “Butterfly” and some adaptations of Nusic’s stories that were TV dramas. Honestly, I don’t know how the audience will react. Although, if I didn’t hope for great reactions, I wouldn’t do it. Still, I hope that the conflict of superstition and religion will be interesting because, in essence, that conflict is the one that lasts. People who are believers are also superstitious – believes Cpranic.

    He added that these pagan customs and beliefs have remained in our area.

    – It never fully evaluated something else. As for the festival, I don’t know where we’re all going to travel with the series. As for television, it will be released in Serbia in October, and I hope that it will be available in the entire region later – pointed out Cipranic.

    Work on yourself

    The essence of the series is the fight between good and evil, whether to surrender to evil or fight against it. The question arises as to whether a man is born good and becomes evil through life, or we are simply born that way. That is why we asked the director how he fights evil in or around himself.

    – People around me should say before me if there is evil in me. Although, trying to make a man do good deeds even when he has no interest in it and never puts anyone in a situation he would not want to be in. These are some postulates. Well, even when we talk about religion. Each at its core propagates the best in man. The work on myself and some positive thoughts contribute to that – said Cipranic.

    The main roles are played by Ulix Fehmija and Nikola Kojo, while Jelena Dokic, Ljiljana Blagojevic, Slavko Stimac and numerous other regional actors played notable roles.

    – It is crazy that there are stars in such a small region. But even if they exist, it is them. Not in a pejurative sense, far from it. On the contrary, they are all very good people, great professionals and actors. It is a great honor, first of all, to get a chance to work with such people. I learned a lot from them both as a director and as a person. I don’t think without them all this series wouldn’t be what it is, I’m sure of it. It is stupid of me, as a young author, to talk about their achievements. I am very glad that together we managed to push this to the end and do something that I think we will be proud of – said Cipranic.

    He revealed to us that his personal favorite role is that of the monk Tikhon, whom everyone sees as a crazy prophet who tells what no one wants to hear.

    You’re going to drive straight

    – You know how, decision making is one of the essences of a director’s job. Like driving a car. You walk down the street and you have parked vehicles on the left and right, whenever you center it, you have to drive straight. There is no left or right, because you will hit. Of course, he thinks very well before that, talks and feels. But once it starts, that’s it – pointed out Ćipranić.

    If I were a football player …

    – I like to say that you are young in this area until you retire. Like 40 years old, and young. If I were a football player, I would have been retired for five years – Cipranic said with a laugh and agreed with our statement that his profession is one of those for which there is no real pension.

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