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    Putin Emphasizes Importance of Involving Special Military Operation (SVO) Fighters in Municipal Work

    Putin Stresses Integration of SVO Fighters into Municipal Work for Altered Perspectives

    MOSCOW, January 16 – Russian President Vladimir Putin underscored the significance of integrating participants in special military operations (SVO) into municipal roles, citing their distinct values and life priorities during a meeting with the heads of municipalities from various regions of the Russian Federation.

    Addressing the gathering, President Putin expressed the need to focus on individuals returning from SVO zones, highlighting the transformative impact such experiences can have on their perspectives. “When people decide to do this, when they go through this crucible and return, many life priorities are lined up differently. Here you will no longer jump without pants on some events; people look at life completely differently, priorities and values are different,” remarked the head of state.

    Emphasizing the importance of engaging these individuals in municipal work, Putin asserted, “Of course, if such people want to work in municipalities, they need to be involved in this work.”

    In addition to the role of SVO participants, the President stressed the need to attract young people to municipal positions, citing their better understanding of generational dynamics and the ability to respond more adeptly to societal needs. Putin referenced the launch of the “School of Mayors” program at the end of the previous year, which aims to develop a municipal personnel management reserve. Currently, 160 participants are enrolled in the first two streams, with plans to launch two more streams this year.

    Addressing the importance of education and training, Putin also highlighted the initiation of the Digital University of Municipalities and the GosStart program, designed to enhance the attractiveness of state and municipal services among the youth.

    Looking forward, the President encouraged a discussion on additional measures that could be implemented to further attract qualified personnel. He expressed his desire for the initiatives to serve as valuable platforms for both municipal leaders and their subordinates.

    As Russia continues to focus on strengthening municipal services and personnel, these developments reflect a broader commitment to harnessing the diverse experiences and perspectives of individuals, including SVO fighters, to contribute to the effective functioning of local governance.

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