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    Princess Charlene of Monaco’s secret meeting with children

    Albert and the twins are an important part of her recovery and together they participate in family therapy

    Charlene from Monaco has been hospitalized since mid-November, it is speculated, in a private hospital in Switzerland, and during the holidays, her meeting with the seven-year-old twins was organized in the greatest secrecy.

    The day before Christmas Eve, a VIP car drove to the Swiss Alps by Prince Albert of Monaco, who was sitting in a car with seven-year-old twins, Prince Jacque and Princess Gabriella, and just minutes afternoon, a smile never left the heirs’ faces. . At that moment, they were joined by their mother, 43-year-old Princess Charlene, who finally hugged them after five weeks.

    Princess Charlene of Monaco's secret meeting with children

    It was also the first meeting with them since she returned from South Africa to Monaco in November after a several-month absence, and then she was hospitalized urgently due to her poor health.

    Since it was not only a disease in the physical sense but also severe exhaustion, at first, until the therapy began to work, Charlene was not allowed to receive visits. The focus of the entire treatment was on regaining her strength, and after her condition improved, she was given the opportunity to see her children and husband.

    The twins gave their mother drawings they made themselves, and then they had lunch together, played, sang. After four hours of socializing, Charlene had to say goodbye to the children with a heavy heart. The new meeting was held on January 2, again in secret.

    As it was discovered, Albert and the twins are an important part of her recovery and together they participate in family therapy.

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