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    Body language in meetings and some good advice

    It does not matter how we communicate, when we meet people we want to be comfortable. Whether we are in meetings, teleconferencing, or just in general conversation or interviews with clients or colleagues, our physical activity matters.

    1. Do not cross your arms or legs

    Emphasize being relaxed, straight from the back, and not crossing your arms or legs. This is how you are sending the message that you are open and positive about the communication that lies ahead.

    Women who wear a skirt or dress above or around the knee may want to cross their legs if the meeting facilities are such that they sit on a chair without a table in front.

    If you are wearing a jacket, it is recommended that you unbutton it so that it is open during a meeting.

    2. Tilt slightly towards the other person

    When you want the interviewee or interviewees to feel interested in them and the ongoing discussion, it’s good to learn a little about people.

    The same goes for teleconferencing. Exercise, where you lean slightly towards the camera, means that you are showing interest in discussions and interviewees.

    However, be careful not to get too close to the camera as it does not look right to have your face too close up.

    3. Mirror the body language of meeting guests

    By mirroring the body language and facial expressions of the people you are talking to in meetings, you create a stronger bond. This means that if the interviewee smiles, you also smile and maybe nod. And so on.

    Of course, you are not talking about imitating everything that others do in a meeting, but rather pointing out that by being aware of other people’s body language, you can form stronger relationships by partially mirroring that behavior/expression.

    4. Eye contact and confidence

    Eye contact is a key factor in building trust between the parties in communication. By forming an eye contact, you are saying that your attention is on the interviewee’s discussions, that you are interested and trust what the person is saying.

    In Covid, the eye contact has only gone to court in remote meetings. Many people forget about themselves and end up looking at themselves the most on the screen. One way to change this is to look directly at the camera while communicating.

    5. The handshake: If it continues?

    Assuming the handshake survives the pandemic, it’s an old story and a new one that a pretty tight handshake inspires confidence. The handshake must not be too loose, but also not too tight.

    For the group of people who anticipate that meetings and communication will largely continue in the form of teleconferencing following Covid, it is good to review in your mind how you are used to getting to know each other at the beginning of a meeting. In fact, the seconds you spend introducing yourself are your chance to build the confidence that you have usually placed on people when you shake hands.

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