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    Boyarskaya explained her absence from parties, citing, “Nothing is more important in the world than children

    Elizaveta Boyarskaya Reveals Family First Approach in Recent Interview

    The personal life of one of the most beautiful and sought-after Russian actresses, Elizaveta Boyarskaya, has always attracted a lot of attention. At one time there were even rumors that the star had begun an affair with Danila Kozlovsky, but, as it turned out, celebrities have always had exclusively friendly relations. Elizabeth met her only one in 2009 on the set of the film “I Won’t Tell.” In it she played together with Maxim Matveev, and at the first meeting with him she realized that she had fallen madly in love.

    In fact, Matveev and Boyarskaya met even earlier – at the same casting. Elizabeth already had her eye on the beautiful Maxim, but he did not make any attempts to get closer. But a few years later, the situation changed radically and real feelings flared up between the actors. In 2010, Boyarskaya and Matveev got married, and now they are raising two sons – Andrei and Grisha.

    Elizaveta Boyarskaya
    Elizaveta Boyarskaya

    As the actress admitted in her recentin terview Svetlana Bondarchuk, she and her husband are the type of parents who elevate their children to a cult. They devote every free minute to their sons, so they rarely go out and almost never appear at parties. The actors share parental responsibilities equally and admit: caring for Grisha and Andrey gives them real pleasure.

    “Maxim and I wake up, he prepares breakfast, I wake up the children. I come, scratch their backs, and say: “It’s time to wake up, my good ones, my loved ones. I lift them up very gently and calmly, they wake up, we hug and kiss, they go to wash, and I prepare their clothes. We have a selection of quick board games we can play while the food is cooking. One of us drives to school, usually me.

    Then we go about our business and in the evening one of us meets them. If the ideal evening is when Maxim and I are both free, we play games, watch movies, we can go for a walk, go ice skating. Unfortunately, there are few such ideal days, but Maxim and I are one of those parents who spend all their free time with their children,” noted the actress.

    Boyarskaya added that she tries to maintain friendly relations with her sons, so she talks a lot with them and discusses some events. Sometimes she still has a feeling of guilt towards her children because because of her work she cannot always pay attention to them, but she tries to drive it away because she considers herself a wonderful mother.

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