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    Jelena Rozga opens up about her departure from Magazin

    Jelena Rozga Discusses Her Decision to Leave the Band Magazin

    Following Danijela Martinović’s departure from the pop band Magazin, Jelena Rozga became a breath of fresh air on the scene at the time.

    The story of how Tonči Huljić decided on her is quite interesting.

    Jelena became a part of the Croatian pop ensemble in the late nineties of the last century, and right at the beginning of their collaboration, they produced a big hit “Ginem.”

    In an interview, Tonči Huljić revealed that during the search for a new singer, he heard someone’s suggestion to consider a young, slim, blonde ballerina named Jelena Rozga as the new vocalist. Even though he had never heard her sing, Tonči immediately agreed. He was further impressed by her talent, and it was Jelena who left the biggest mark in the group.

    In 2006, Jelena started her solo career, and she discussed leaving Magazin in an interview.

    “I was no longer happy. I wanted to leave Magazin already in 2004, but Tonči said, ‘Let’s record one more album.’ That led to my biggest hit ‘Ne tiče me se.’ I learned a lot from Magazin,” Rozga stated.

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