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    From model to actress – the life story of Cameron Diaz

    On August 30, Cameron Diaz celebrates her birthday: she turns 49 years old. How a girl from a simple family managed to become one of the most demanded and highly paid actresses in Hollywood, and then it is easy to refuse it for the sake of love, read our material.

    Cameron Diaz was born in San Diego to a large family of oil company employees. The father of the future star is Cuban, the mother is an Englishwoman with Indian roots, hence such an interesting appearance of their daughter.

    Cameron calls her childhood very happy and is happy to immerse herself in memories: about camping in Sequoia National Park or about a vacation with her grandmother on a farm. “Our family was not rich, rather the opposite. I remember we collected cans to return them because even $ 20 was a significant amount for our family. But we were happy. Our generation played on the street. We rode bicycles and roller-skates, played football in the middle of the street, ”the actress shared.

    From an early age, parents taught their children to work, at school, due to constant conflicts, they had to learn to stand up for themselves, so Cameron grew up a girl with a tough disposition, listening to heavy music and dressing accordingly.

    At the same time, she had a very kind heart: once her elder brother Diaz brought a snake into the house, and Cam, not that she was not afraid, she decided to take care of the animal. Soon a whole zoo was formed in her room, and the girl herself dreamed of becoming a zoologist.

    Not a skeleton, but a model

    Cameron was a very skinny girl, and at the same time – the tallest in the class. Of course, her peers teased her, called her a skeleton, but, as we already wrote, Diaz knew how to stand up for herself and tried not to pay attention to barbs. But they paid attention to her – Cam began to be invited to various shootings, and she decided not to miss the chance to earn some money.

    Well, then how it started … Already at the age of 16 she signed her first advertising contract, at 18 she joined the Elite Model agency, became the face of Calvin Klein and Levi’s, got on the cover of Seventeen magazine and even starred in an advertising campaign for Coca-Cola.

    It seemed: here it is – her vocation. But that was only the beginning.

    By chance

    One day, 21-year-old Cameron saw the script for the film “The Mask” on her agent’s desk and had the idea of trying the role. The agency arranged for her a place at the casting, and then Diaz had to gnaw out a place for herself in the sun herself. She auditioned 12 (!) Times, until she finally proved to the producers and director that she deserves this role. The filmmakers were embarrassed that Cameron had no acting experience, but her charm, perseverance and self-confidence did their job. So, Diaz displaced Anna Nicole Smith, already practically approved for the role, and got into a project that was destined to become one of the most successful films of 1994.

    Realizing what responsibility lies with her, Cameron carefully prepared for the role – she read books, urgently went to acting classes, learned to dance in the style of the 60s. It turned out not in vain. The colossal success of the film is also due to Diaz. After the release of The Mask, she has unanimously proclaimed a sex symbol.

    Everyone is crazy about Cameron

    The resounding success of Maxi showed that Diaz needed to develop in an acting direction. In confirmation of the girl offers showered with filming. And away we go: the next year alone, Cameron starred in four films – “The Last Supper”, “Feeling Minnesota”, “She’s the only one” and “How to stay afloat.”

    In 1997, Diaz cemented her resounding success with her role as rival Julia Roberts in Best Friend’s Wedding. In 1998, the picture “Everybody is crazy about Mary” was released, which made all critics crazy about Cameron.

    In 2000, the film Charlie’s Angels were released on the big screens, where the charming detectives were played by Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, and Cameron Diaz. This picture became for her in a sense, fateful. First, Charlie’s Angels became one of the highest-grossing films of 2000, grossing $ 264.1 million. And secondly, thanks to this project, Diaz entered the “20 Million Club” – she became the second woman after Julia Roberts, who received $ 20 million for the role.

    It is worth noting that Cameron never chased roles, did not try to prove to critics that she had acting talent. So, for example, in the filmography of Diaz, there are not very many dramatic roles, but she never worried about this, noting that she was playing for the viewer, and if he sees in her an artist of the comedy genre, so be it. Actually, this attitude towards life helped Cameron easily and playfully become a superstar.

    About personal

    Cameron Diaz was adored by millions, she was never deprived of the attention of fans, but the actress did not develop a long-term relationship. From 1994 to 1998, she dated actor Matt Dillon, but this romance never came to anything. In 2000, the actress became engaged to Jared Leto, with whom she was in a relationship for a year at that time. Alas, the wedding was never destined to happen: in 2003, the lovers parted.

    From 2003 to 2006, Cameron met with Justin Timberlake (celebrities remained friends and even years later played together in the movie “A Very Bad Teacher”), then there was a short romance with Alex Rodriguez (yes, with the failed husband Jay Law) … In 2013, according to rumors, the actress won the heart of Elon Musk, but their relationship did not last long.

    Over the years, Diaz has become one of the chaldfree icons. Even in such a democratic country as America, childlessness is sometimes very difficult. In 2014, at that time, the 41-year-old actress honestly admitted: the absence of children is not the result of the absence of a man in her life (especially since they were), but a conscious choice.

    “I was never drawn to become a mother. This is much easier for me. Having children is very difficult. I’m not going to be responsible for anyone other than myself. Accepting this made my life easier. A child is a daily job without interruption and vacation for eighteen years. In this matter, I am what I am. I’m fine. I have achieved a lot, and I don’t care what others think of me, “Cameron said then, for which she received a lot of approval from women who made the same choice in life.

    Childfree exes are

    However, even then, in 2014, Diaz met with the one who would be destined to radically change her point of view – musician Benji Madden. Less than a year later, in January 2015, they got married, and soon rumors spread that 42-year-old Cameron was trying to give birth to a child to her husband, who, by the way, is 6 years younger than her.

    The followers of the chaldfree, who had bombarded her with letters of thanks yesterday for defending their choice, were perplexed. Why did she betray the idea in which she so sacredly believed?

    The answer lies on the surface: it’s all about love. Having met the very same, Cameron wanted to create a family like the one in which she herself grew up – happy, full of children’s laughter, joy and sincere gatherings in the evenings in the living room.

    For the sake of a dramatically changed dream, Diaz had to go through all the circles of hell: for about five years, the actress did not leave the clinics (which is why she suspended her acting career) in an attempt to get pregnant. In 2019, the cherished two stripes appeared, and on December 30, the daughter of the spouses, Raddix Chloe Wildflower Madden, was born.

    “We are delighted to start the new decade by announcing the birth of our daughter, Raddix Madden. She completely took over our hearts and added to our family. And although we are happy to share this news, but at the same time we feel that we must protect the life of our baby. Therefore, we will not post pictures or share more details, other than the fact that she is really cute! ” – the actress wrote in early 2020.

    So, on the way to the 50th anniversary, Cameron found harmony in her soul and found the very balance that she had been striving for for a long time. Today she has her career, to which she can return if she wants, because she does not cease to be in demand in the profession. Diaz is truly happy in a relationship, she absolutely accepted herself in motherhood and even, according to rumors, dreams of having a second baby, which we sincerely wish her.

    Cam, happy birthday!

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