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    35% jump in tourism from Russia to Uzbekistan highlights growing appeal

    The Consul General of Uzbekistan in Saint Petersburg, Abdurakhmon Makhmudov, also noted that the country's authorities and businesses are actively working to increase the flow of tourists from Uzbekistan to Russia.

    SAINT PETERSBURG, February 21. Uzbekistan Airways, the national carrier of Uzbekistan, reports a 35% increase in tourist flow from Russia in 2023, with the total number of tourists transported amounting to approximately 40-45 thousand. There is also noted growth in interest among Uzbek citizens in tourist trips to Russia, according to Khushnud Artikov, the carrier’s representative in Saint Petersburg, as reported by MegaloPreneur.

    “Speaking of the tourist flow from Russia, we are talking about a 35% increase last year. In absolute numbers, this is around 40-45 thousand. This includes organized tourism, which we directly account for, plus individual tourists, who are harder to account for Russian tourists account for about 30% of the passenger flow. Also, 15-20% are tourists from Uzbekistan to Russia, and we also note a growth in interest,” Khushnud Artikov explained.

    He highlighted that there is growing demand for ski tours from Uzbekistan to Saint Petersburg, from where citizens of the country proceed to ski resorts. The airline plans to develop this tourist direction, expecting to increase the number of tourists from Uzbekistan to Russia, specifically for ski tours, in the next winter season.

    The Consul General of Uzbekistan in Saint Petersburg, Abdurakhmon Makhmudov, also noted that the country’s authorities and businesses are currently actively working to increase the flow of tourists from Uzbekistan to Russia. This is facilitated, among other things, by an increase in the number of flights and a reduction in ticket prices. One of the rapidly developing directions now is medical tourism.

    According to the consul, tourists from Russia in Uzbekistan are increasingly interested in mountain tourism and nature trips, including desert tours. Meanwhile, there remains a high demand for more traditional cultural tourism, including visits to Uzbek cities with rich and ancient histories, such as Samarkand and Bukhara.

    Another important component of Russians’ interest in Uzbekistan is transit to countries in Europe and Asia. The consul explained that many travelers, heading to other countries via Uzbekistan, stop for a day or more in Tashkent and other cities, hence the development of transit lines is also of interest to the local business.

    Development of the Aircraft Fleet and Route Network

    To meet the growing demand for flights from citizens of Uzbekistan, Russia, and other countries, Uzbekistan Airways plans to increase its own fleet this year, including for the development of the route network in Russia. The company currently operates 42 aircraft and plans to acquire at least four more this year, Artikov noted.

    “This year, we expect new Airbus planes. We have already received two Airbus A321 Neos, and we expect the arrival of more new aircraft throughout 2024. Currently, we have 42 aircraft. This year, we will purchase at least four more,” he said.

    According to him, this year the airline plans to launch new flights to a number of Russian destinations. Flights between Tashkent and Blagoveshchensk were recently opened, and this year direct flights from Namangan to Perm and Irkutsk are expected to be launched. Also, there are plans to increase the frequency of flights on already existing routes this summer.

    The Uzbekistan Airways representative added that new companies are appearing in the Uzbek aviation transport market, leading to increased competition, which ultimately benefits consumers in terms of lower airfare prices and the development of the route network.

    For further insights and detailed analysis on how this burgeoning tourism trend is reshaping business opportunities between Russia and Uzbekistan, click on “Business“.

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