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    Milica Majstorovic’s journey from music to acting and finding love

    Milica Majstorovic: From Hit Song to Acting Success and Personal Happiness

    We remember her from a music competition and the song “Perfect Couple.”

    Singer Milica Majstorovic won over the audience when she appeared in the music competition “Operation Triumph.” Her song “Perfect Couple” catapulted her to stardom, and then she completely withdrew from the public eye.

    Milica enrolled in the Academy of Arts after the competition and graduated in acting.

    Milica Majstorovic
    Photo: Instagram

    There were also reports that she allegedly attempted suicide by overdosing on medication, which she denied, stating that she had just drunk too much and that her parents found her on the bathroom floor and took her to the hospital.

    Nevertheless, Majstorovic persistently pursued her goal and began to engage in acting professionally.

    We saw her in the series “Women from Dedinje” and “Folk,” but she attracted the most attention with her role in the series “Nemanjici – The Birth of the Kingdom,” where she portrayed the character of Jefimija, the daughter of Stefan Nemanja.

    Photo: Instagram

    Her love life was also the subject of much speculation, linking her with Djordje Miljenovic, better known as Sky Wikluh, and there were reports of her brief relationship with athlete Ivan Lendjer, with both romances ending unsuccessfully.

    Milica is now married to Djordje Lazovic, and they got married just a few weeks after he proposed, reports Megalopreneur.

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