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    Summer 2024: How to nail the retro swimwear look at the beach

    Retro swimsuits: This swimwear trend brings the vintage look to the pool and beach in summer 2024

    The decades of the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s have become the primary source of fashion inspiration this year, significantly influencing the aesthetics of current runway looks. However, summer 2024 takes us a bit further back in time, as swimwear trends embrace an elegant retro charm inspired by the 1960s. Here, we explain which details give bikinis and swimsuits their vintage appeal and how to perfectly showcase the new swimwear trend.

    Swimwear trend in summer 2024: Bikinis and swimsuits now feature a retro aesthetic

    The 1960s were defined by the Beatles, beehive hairstyles, and a new, emancipated image of women, sparking the Hippie movement towards the end of the decade and celebrating diversity above all. This era also influenced fashion, with graphic and psychedelic prints, flower power motifs, and Op-Art transforming fabrics into works of art. Platform boots, new A-line dresses that bid farewell to the tight waist, and androgynous silhouettes revolutionized women’s fashion. In summer 2024, the style of the 1960s is making a comeback—primarily for those summer days spent by the pool, lake, or beach. Bikinis and swimsuits this season are finished with a touch of ’60s charm, giving them an exciting retro look.

    Key features of the new swimwear trend include vintage-inspired swimsuit and bikini silhouettes with straight leg cuts, high-waisted bottoms, halter necklines, or one-shoulder designs. Waist belts, hardware details like chain links, or contrasting trims perfectly enhance the nostalgic look.

    These colors and prints emphasize the retro charm of the swimwear trend in summer 2024

    To achieve an authentic sixties look, muted colors like green, mustard yellow, and brown are essential. For those who prefer to draw inspiration from the flower power era, brighter color combinations such as pink and orange, large floral patterns, or psychedelic prints are the way to go. Lurex and metallic fibers in mint or gold also pair fabulously with the new summer inspiration, adding a nostalgic vintage flair to pools and beaches.

    With the right accessories, you can stylishly highlight the retro swimwear trend in summer 2024

    The new swimsuits and bikinis of summer 2024 are a retro statement, evoking dreams of Ibiza, Miami, or San Francisco in a different era—when a new, freedom-loving hippie lifestyle emerged, and bands like the Rolling Stones or The Who dominated the radio charts. Accessories can further emphasize the retro-inspired swimwear trend. Oval sunglasses, headbands, mules, or metallic waist belts are stylish choices that infuse summer 2024 with a bit of nostalgia. Whether you choose to rock the look at a beach club in Ibiza or at your local swimming hole, the retro swimwear trend is sure to make a splash.

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