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    Hungarian President Katalin Novák steps down amid controversy

    Hungarian President Katalin Novák Resigns Over Pedophilia Case Pardon Controversy

    In a surprising turn of events, Katalin Novák, the President of Hungary, has tendered her resignation, as reported by Index. The announcement comes in the wake of a significant public uproar triggered by her decision to grant clemency to an individual implicated in a pedophilia case. The Hungarian parliament is now tasked with selecting a new president within thirty days following the conclusion of Novák’s term in office.

    Reflecting on her actions last April, Novák admitted to making a grave error by pardoning the accused in the pedophilia case. “I made a mistake because the act of pardoning without a clear rationale could have cast doubt on our unwavering stance against pedophilia, a stance where doubt has no place. I would never extend mercy to anyone who, I believe, has physically or psychologically harmed children. That was my stance then, and it remains unchanged today,” Novák stated, highlighting her regret over the decision.

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