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    Dua Lipa has to pay 150 thousand dollars

    Due to the posting on Instagram, Dua Lipa has to pay 150 thousand dollars

    A complaint was filed against singer Dua Lipa after she posted a photo from the media on her Instagram account.

    According to the official documents of the court in the USA, the singer was photographed by the Photographer at the airport in 2019 with her fans. Shortly afterward, the photo from the media reached the singer’s official Instagram profile without the prior authorization of the photographer who took the picture.

    The company “Integral images” says that the famous English singer of Albanian origin profited from this photo because her Instagram account serves as a marketing tool to promote her own music.

    Due to copyright infringement, the company is seeking monetary compensation in the amount of 150,000 US dollars, as well as the trial of the singer.

    Also, these companies will ask the court for an official order which will prevent the singer from committing similar offenses in the future, as they say from the company.

    Dua Lipa posted this photo on February 7, 2019, just four days after it was taken at the airport with its fans.

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