Friday, June 21, 2024

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    Horror Maestro Parker Finn Launches Bad Feeling Productions with Paramount Deal

    In a significant move within the realm of horror and genre filmmaking, Parker Finn, the visionary filmmaker responsible for the 2022 horror sensation “Smile,” has officially unveiled his latest endeavor, Bad Feeling Productions. This new film and television production company is set to make waves in the industry, boasting Jonathan Fass as its head of development.

    Bad Feeling Productions finds its home at Paramount, the very studio that catapulted “Smile” to worldwide acclaim and success. This collaboration follows Finn’s earlier signing of a first-look deal with Paramount earlier this year.

    The mission of Bad Feeling Productions is clear and ambitious: to curate distinctive, top-tier genre experiences that cater to audiences hungry for groundbreaking, boundary-pushing storytelling. The company aims to transform unconventional narratives into must-see events while maintaining a meticulous, craftsmanship-focused approach to commercial genre storytelling.

    Finn’s previous work, “Smile,” shattered records, grossing over $216 million globally and securing its position as the standout horror hit of 2022. Notably, it became the first original horror title in years to dominate the domestic box office for two consecutive weeks since 2016. Paramount and Finn are already hard at work on a highly anticipated sequel, scheduled for release on October 18, 2024.

    The partnership between Finn and Fass is a reunion that has been years in the making. Fass previously served as a producer on “Laura Hasn’t Slept,” the original short film that laid the foundation for “Smile.” Fass’s expertise has been honed over the last four years at Sister, the independent production studio co-founded by industry heavyweights Stacey Snider and Elisabeth Murdoch.

    Finn, thrilled about the collaboration, expressed, “Jonathan has impeccable taste and a razor-sharp approach to genre storytelling, and I am beyond excited to be launching Bad Feeling together.”

    Fass echoed this sentiment, stating, “Parker has been a collaborator and a friend for many years, and I could not be more thrilled to be partnering with him to build Bad Feeling into a premier home for fearless modern genre filmmakers.”

    The horror genre continues to reign supreme at the box office, bolstered by its tendency to maintain more modest budgets compared to typical studio productions, resulting in substantial returns. Recent successes like “The Nun II” and “Saw X” underscore the genre’s enduring popularity and profitability.

    Paramount, in particular, has made bold moves in the horror genre, as demonstrated by the release of “Scream VI.” On the streaming front, Hulu has garnered critical acclaim for “No One Will Save You,” a sci-fi horror offering, while Amazon achieved unexpected success with the indie acquisition “Black Demon.”

    Parker Finn and Bad Feeling Productions are represented by CAA, Grandview, and Jeff Hynick at Jackoway Austen, showcasing their commitment to excellence in every facet of their endeavors.

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