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    Kazakhstan progresses with nuclear power plant amid energy crisis

    Kazakhstan Progresses with Nuclear Power Plant Amid Energy Crisis

    Astana, Kazakhstan – January 20, 2024 – Amidst a growing electrical energy crisis, Kazakhstan is progressing with plans to construct a substantial nuclear power plant, as reported by The initiative, spearheaded by the Ministry of Energy, is a strategic response to the country’s urgent need for a reliable and sustainable energy source.

    The Ministry has identified a range of potential suppliers for this pivotal project, which aims to establish a station with a capacity of up to 2800 MW. The list of contenders includes CNNC from China, offering the HPR-1000 reactor, Russia’s Rosatom State Corporation with VVER-1200 and VVER-1000 reactors, South Korea’s KHNP featuring the APR-1400 reactor, and France’s EDF with the EPR1200 reactor. Current negotiations with these nuclear technology suppliers are focused on finalizing the terms for the construction of the nuclear power plant.

    The Ministry’s statement highlights the complexity and multifaceted nature of determining the project’s cost. “Regarding the cost of nuclear power plant construction, we inform you that the cost will depend on many factors, such as project implementation model, financing conditions, technology, station capacity, station location, etc. The cost of high-capacity two-unit nuclear power plants built in the world amounted to about 10-12 billion US dollars,” the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan stated in response to an editorial inquiry.

    Drawing on global benchmarks, the construction of a two-unit high-capacity nuclear power plant is a lengthy endeavor, typically spanning 10-11 years from the initial decision. This timeline is indicative of the extensive planning, regulatory compliance, and detailed construction work required in such large-scale energy projects.

    The decision to pursue nuclear energy is a strategic move by Kazakhstan, addressing the pressing issue of a progressive shortage of electrical energy. This development is not just about meeting current energy demands but is also a forward-looking approach to ensuring the nation’s energy security and catering to future growth.

    The move towards nuclear power is a significant step for Kazakhstan, reflecting a global trend towards embracing nuclear energy as a sustainable and reliable power source. This initiative is poised to play a crucial role in shaping the country’s energy landscape in the coming years.

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