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    Natasha Koroleva made a statement about relations with Tarzan

    “The personal lives of all public people who have a star status are not safe”

    A friend of Natasha Koroleva told the latest news about the artist and her wife. Vadim Manukyan helped the singer create a movement against the harassment of “people with star status.”

    Everything that is happening now in the family of Koroleva and Sergey Glushko is still intriguing and confusing. The non-standard relationship of the spouses amazes the imagination of Russians, because, as it turned out, Tarzan’s former lover Anastasia Shulzhenko was not the only passion of the stripper. How many novels behind Glushko’s shoulders married to the Queen is anyone’s guess.

    However, due to the scandal that erupted and, as they believe, the outbreak of general persecution, Natasha and Sergey decided to create a petition, a kind of flash mob in defense of other star couples. There were: Valeria with Prigozhin, Meladze with Dzhanabaeva, Kudryavtseva with Makarov, and even Navka with Peskov (!). Photos of these people appeared in a video made to protect the privacy of the arrival. It should be noted that the initiative of Koroleva was approved by the young wife of Igor Nikolaev, Yulia Proskuryakova.

    Vadim Manukyan, a close friend of Koroleva, expert of the Commission on Mass Media of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, told MK how the campaign against bullying was being developed.

    • Natasha contacted me and told me about launching action against media bullying on Instagram, – Vadim began. – Its essence is to show that the personal life of absolutely every famous married couple, every public person, is not safe.

    – That is why famous couples are captured in the video, which was published by Natasha and Tarzan?

    • That is why many famous couples appear in the video, each of which can have quarrels and troubles, ups, and downs. But they should solve them at home and on their own, and not with the “help” of scandalous TV shows, which only add fuel to the fire. In 2017, I raised this topic for the first time, then Maria Shukshina joined her a year later, and now it’s time for Natasha Koroleva.

    The personal lives of all public people who have star status are not safe today. Each of them can become the object of close attention on television, and on completely far-fetched reasons. The Queen encourages them to think about what is happening now and support her in the struggle.

    – Who has already supported Natasha?

    • Under Natasha’s post, many famous people supported her initiative. Joseph Prigogine, Lera Kudryavtseva, Yulia Proskuryakova, the current wife of Igor Nikolaev (former husband of Koroleva). And I am confident that this support will only grow.

    – How are Natasha and Sergey’s health today?

    • There is no new health information. Probably everything is good with them.

    A colleague and friend of the star family, Joseph Prigogine, in a conversation with us, tried to objectively assess the drama of Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan.

    • Today anyone can smear anyone, – began Prigozhin. – There are whole armies of bots, thanks to the headlines, they get a lot of traffic that allows them to make money. The louder the scandal, the more interest. It’s simple. The question is that the tendency of the time is to show off your personal life, not creativity. Personal today has become the main tool of both haters and society.

    – Do you empathize with Natasha and Sergei?

    • Certainly. Today hunt for public people, of course, and we need to be more careful. But I am not claiming that any famous person has the right to disgrace. No, this is out of the question. Artists should not give reasons to doubt themselves. At the same time, I do not quite agree with Tarzan when he began to speak publicly with such formulations as: “the greatest achievement is that you Tarzan …” and everything else. After all, there are some delicate points. The public does not forgive even the slightest mistake or reservations of a public person. Humanly, I feel very sorry for Natasha Koroleva, she became a victim of a situation in which she found herself through no fault of her own.

    – Do you believe that all scandals are planned for talk shows?

    • Sure. There are special people who make plans. To then dance on the bones. It would be better to choose a scarce profession, otherwise, only bots, producers, bloggers, nobody knows how to work with their hands.

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