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    WHISPERING AGAIN: Emina Jahovic is not on good terms with her ex-husband?

    Emina Jahovic and Mustada Sandal have been married for 10 years, from which they have two sons – Jaman and Javuz. Still, it is rumored that they are not on good terms.

    After the divorce, they remained on good terms, which the singer repeatedly pointed out, but her relationship with businessman Sadetin Saran was the backbone for the beginning of the “war” between the former spouses.

    As it is stated, Mustafa allegedly did not approve of the relationship with the Turkish billionaire, and from that moment on, the relationship between them deteriorated, and at one point they even left Instagram.

    As a reminder, the whole world wrote about Emina and Mustafa’s wedding, and it happened on January 13, 2008, in an exclusive hotel in Istanbul.

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