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    Spotlight on the Superstars Elevating Hollywood’s A-List

    In the realm of beauty, 2023 witnessed an exuberant parade of trends and triumphs, spanning the grandeur of the Oscars, the glamour of the Met Gala, the resonance in Barbie dolls, and the magnificence of Beyoncé’s and Taylor Swift’s expansive tours. It was a year of monumental success, adorned by thriving celebrity makeup lines and the surge of captivating trends on Instagram and TikTok.

    In The MegaloPreneur 2023 Beauty Issue, the limelight is shared with 40 esteemed hair stylists, makeup artists, nail artists, and groomers, captured in vibrant moments while preparing their celebrity clientele. Among them are Zoe Saldaña, Adam Driver, Michael B. Jordan, Ashley Park, Lola Tung, Gabrielle Union, and Dakota Johnson. These professionals, chosen for both their star-studded client lists and their influential social media presence, reflect on their most cherished moments in 2023. They recount the experience of crafting iconic looks for luminaries like Michelle Yeoh at the Academy Awards (“She was so goddess-like”), Selena Gomez at the VMAs (sporting an unexpected lip color), and Kristen Stewart with her edgy mullet at the Met Gala. Some also discuss the impact of the resolved writers’ strike and ongoing actors’ strike on their work, steering many towards commercial campaigns and fashion weeks across Europe.

    Adir Abergel, a trendsetter from a young age, reminisces about his creative endeavors with prominent figures like Charlize Theron and Anne Hathaway, underscoring the enduring relationships with his clients as the most inspiring aspect of his career. Abergel, also serving as the creative director of Virtue Labs, is deeply influenced by the women who sit in his chair.

    Chris Appleton, with a penchant for vibrant styles, has earned his place as a quintessential member of the glam squad. Celebrated for his work with wigs, extensions, and vivacious colors, he adds flair to his client roster, posting their transformations for his 4 million Instagram followers. His recent wedding was a milestone marked by Kim Kardashian officiating the ceremony.

    Tom Bachik, an airbrush artist turned manicure maestro, reminisces about his unexpected journey into the world of nail artistry. His American Manicure, reimagining the French classic, went viral this year, showcased on the elegant hands of Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez.

    Dana Boyer, emerging in the realm of hairstyling, shares insights into the challenges posed by the ongoing actors’ strike, emphasizing the reduced opportunities for work. However, her regular and ad clients have been pivotal in sustaining her career.

    Renato Campora, born in Palermo, Italy, ventured into the celebrity hair scene after meeting Liv Tyler in 2004. His journey from the Paris fashion scene to becoming a sought-after hair professional in L.A. underscores his diverse experiences.

    Jenny Cho, recognized for her versatility and calm demeanor, reminisces about her career highlight, styling her first American Vogue cover with Jennifer Lawrence. Her talent was on display at the Met Gala, attending to clients Stephanie Hsu and Vanessa Kirby.

    Tracey Cunningham, an L.A. colorist, shares her trajectory from starting as Bette Midler’s nanny to becoming one of the town’s premier colorists. Her thriving salon, global travels for touch-ups, and collaborations with top names in the industry have solidified her status.

    The roster continues with esteemed makeup artists including Sheika Daley, Mario Dedivanovic, Pati Dubroff, and Georgie Eisdell, each recounting career milestones, from working with iconic artists to venturing into their brand enterprises.

    Neal Farinah, Beyoncé’s longtime hairstylist, shares his approach to hairstyling and the importance of minimal products, seeking to preserve the hair’s natural beauty and magic.

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