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    Why before all the beauties were different, but now they look the same

    We analyze the standards of female beauty in different years and who sets them today

    Beauty standards have existed at all times. Several decades ago, girls tried to be like movie stars, but today initiatives have taken the initiative. When looking at glamorous photos against the backdrop of expensive hotels in Dubai or snow-white beaches, it seems that only a sexy appearance and conformity to a certain type can bring success in life. But is this so and what are the trends in the world of beauty and fashion today?

    Female beauty standards at different times

    If you look at the history of mankind from the point of view of beauty standards, you will notice that over the centuries they have changed more than once among different peoples. Think of Rubens’ beauties during the Renaissance. Being a donut was not only not shameful but even fashionable. In Russia, among the peasant environment, portly girls were valued, but the representatives of the noble classes in the 19th century strictly monitored their waist.

    Trends affected not only the figure but also the face. In the Middle Ages, it was fashionable to shave the forehead. It was believed that a beautiful woman should have it tall. In the USSR, women tried to pluck their eyebrows so that they were thin, “like strings.”

    The standards are changing. With the advent of plastic surgery, a trend has emerged for plump lips, lifted eyebrows, and narrow cheekbones. Women try to enlarge their breasts and buttocks to make their figures sexier. Social networks, in particular Instagram, allow beauties to upload their photos, sometimes in a semi-nude form. Watching the life of insta, many fell into the power of illusion and began to seriously believe that only a beautiful appearance and compliance with trends in the beauty industry can bring success in life.

    Why before all the beauties were different, but now they look the same


    But is it? Can a bright cover replace personality?

    Who dictates standards today?

    With the development of the fashion industry, beauty standards have come under the influence of brands. This is explained by the fact that a collection of clothes is created for a certain type of figure and face. So, Christian Lacroix in his models focused on the female bust, waist, and hips, which later gave rise to the standard of the figure 90x60x90. As sociological polls later showed, such a standard looked more advantageous in photos and video filming. And today, local Russian brands are trying to invite models with generally accepted parameters for photo sessions, as this increases sales.

    As for facial features, the influence of plastic surgery can be traced in fashion trends. Sometimes, unconsciously, trends are set by famous personalities who have used medical services. For example, it is believed that the fashion for plump lips was introduced by Kylie Jenner. Her owns were very thin, and she corrected them with the help of a beautician. Shortly after Kylie’s appearance on the show, beauties with the same lips could be seen on social media. Fashion has affected other parts of the face as well. The desire to create an ideal out of oneself, a standard, seized many female representatives, striving for male attention and beautiful life.

    Personality trend

    But today, the fashion for a standard appearance is a thing of the past. Top agencies focus on the personality of the models. At auditions, the main thing is not compliance with the parameters, but the personality. Applicants fill out questionnaires, where they indicate interests, hobbies, give a link to their Instagram account so that it is clear how a person positions himself. Sometimes, instead of typical models, brands prefer to invite famous people to shows who are interesting to the public precisely for their individuality.

    Naturalness, a rich inner world is appreciated in women and most modern men. It is much more interesting to spend time not with a bright picture, but with a person who has adequate self-esteem, a non-standard worldview, a developed intellect, and a wise outlook on life.

    Why before all the beauties were different, but now they look the same

    In our world, the best investment is education, a rich inner world, and self-realization. Of course, external beauty is important and the body needs care. But it is important to do this consciously, not forgetting that every girl is special and this is her advantage. Plastic surgeries, the desire to create a standard invented by someone else – these are short-term investments, behind which are often pain, disappointment, and self-rejection.

    To be interesting to men at any age, to attract the attention of society, it is better to invest in your individuality, develop intellectually and spiritually, and increase self-esteem. Today there are enough resources for this. The standards of external beauty change, but the value of internal beauty remains unchanged in any era of human history.

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