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    Revealed details from Queen Elizabeth’s childhood that shocked the British public

    That makes her feel safe, but when asked what she never answered the book states

    Unknown details of the life of Queen Elizabeth will have been found in the book “The Governess” by Wendy Holden ( Wendy Holden ).

    The author’s new book made a hitherto unknown claim about 94-year-old Queen Elizabeth II, according to her childhood, according to which she suffered from an obsessive-compulsive disorder due to which, for example, she always folded pens in a straight line to feel safe.

    The book, described on the Amazon as historical and biographical, tells the story of Marion Crawford who was a teacher to Queen Elizabeth when she was a young princess. One chapter, written by the British “The Sun”, reveals that Elizabeth II compulsively stacked pencils and plates when she had the opportunity to do so.

    – Marion, who specializes in child psychology, realized that it was an obsessive disorder. When asked why she arranges things like that, Elizabeth answered that she feels safe because of it, but when asked why she never answered her – it is written in the book.

    Marion herself admitted in her own book “Little Princesses” from 1950 that at the time the future queen she called Lilibet was a very neat child who kept her things immaculately tidy and kept them.

    – At one time I became quite worried about Lilibet and her stages. She became almost too tidy. During the evening, she would get out of bed several times to neatly pack her shoes and clothes – Marion revealed.

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