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    Argentina debuted the champion title with a clear victory over Venezuela

    The Argentine team won 3-1 on his visit to Vinotinto and confirmed his great moment.

    The Argentine team debuted tonight the title of champion of the Copa America achieved less than two months ago in Brazil with an uncomplicated victory over Venezuela by 3 to 1, in the match of the ninth round of the South American Qualifiers played at the Olympic stadium in the Central University of Caracas.

    Argentina played a comfortable game against a rival who did not demand it at any time, and from there they did not suffer warnings that could complicate the participation of the 10 players who came to this match with a yellow card and if they added another they would have lost the match next Sunday at 4:00 p.m. against the leader of these Qualifiers, Brazil, at the Arena Corinthians stadium, in Sao Paulo.

    In the midst of this panorama, the only moment of anxiety that the Argentine team experienced occurred about half an hour into the first half when the sturdy Venezuelan central defender Luis Martinez, who had entered five minutes before for the injured Jose Velazquez, committed a very violent infraction to Lionel Messi on the left calf that caused fear of harsh consequences that were not such, however.

    Due to this fault, one of the many Martinez who stepped on the soft playing field of the Caracas Olympic Stadium today received the red card at the request of the VAR, which generated a moment of confusion precisely because of the use of this new referee service.

    It is that as a result of different technical flaws that affected the technological contributions that were provided within the stadium, the use of the VAR could not be in charge of the Chilean Cristian Garay located in the upper part of it, but rather episodes that required a television viewing they had to be resolved by the fourth official, in this case, the Uruguayan Gustavo Tejera.

    If Venezuela was already being punished by this transition process that its selected team is going through after the resignation of Portuguese coach Jose Peseiro, who left office after receiving his salary in only four of the 19 months that he was in charge of the “Vinotinto”, so he is temporarily replaced by Leonardo Gonzalez, Deportivo Lara’s coach, for this triple round of qualifying, it was even worse.

    That is why in the final quarter-hour of that first period those led by Lionel Scaloni continued to work the game calmly, repeating associations through Messi with Giovani Lo Celso and Rodrigo De Paul (at 15 minutes he crashed a shot on the crossbar ) that were accompanied by the climbs of the lateral Marcos Acuna and Nahuel Molina.

    And when the second minute of discount was already played, a precise touch from Angel Di Maria from the left to the middle (‘Fideo’ was lost when he stopped on the right) for Lo Celso, ended in precise assistance from him so that Lautaro Martinez could convert the first goal “albiceleste”, his fifteenth in 30 games with the national team.

    The return to the dispute of the game in the second half only foreshadowed more good news for the Argentine team, but the engine just started fully when about a quarter of an hour Scaloni decided to change the “timing belt” of the Argentine attack by entering simultaneously to Angel and Joaquin Correa.

    And the two quickly had a fluid dialogue with Messi, “settling” the match between them in just three minutes, which ran from 25 to 28 minutes.

    First, Joaquín from Tucuman closed with a right hand under a lucid joint action that he completed after a short assist from Lautaro Martinez, revealing that he is in a true state of grace after debuting at his new club, Inter, from Italy, last weekend, with two conquests having only spent 20 minutes on the court.

    And then the Atletico de Madrid striker also showed that he is “angered” after pointing out the first three goals of the team led by Diego Simeone in the first two dates of LaLiga, from Spain.

    The final stretch of the game only allowed to maintain the expectation about the possibility that a goal by Messi would allow him to reach 77 goals for Brazilian Pelw as the highest historical scorer of South American teams, but this did not come and perhaps it could be fair in Brazil on Sunday that comes.

    The one who closed the show was the diminutive but talented Yeferson Soteldo by placing the 1-3 in the third minute of discount, through a penalty kick sanctioned through the improvised VAR that stung Emiliano Martínez with category, perhaps warned of what that wears “Draw” when standing in front of performers from 12 steps.

    The return to the team from Cordoba, Paulo Dybala after two years, the applause of the 6,000 spectators present at the Olympic stadium, the consolidation of Argentina in second place in the Qualifiers with 15 points collected in seven presentations, and that for the first time two footballers with the same surname entered the selection simultaneously and both converted, they were the strawberries off the dessert.

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