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    Does Biden pass a medical?

    President Joe Biden's Annual Medical Checkup at Walter Reed Military Hospital

    Joe Biden, the President of the United States, had his annual medical checkup at the Walter Reed Military Hospital in Washington City earlier today, where both the President’s physical and mental health were examined.

    According to the investigation, the White House Medical Unit’s controlled substance records were found to be inaccurate, failing to reflect the procurement, inventory, and disposal of these substances. The practices highlighted in the report were deemed “severe and systemic.” Disturbingly, the report suggests that medications, including controlled substances like Ambien and Provigil, were dispensed without proper documentation, with prepacks distributed to senior staff without a record of recipients.

    The report points out that the unit’s operations did not align with government or Department of Defense guidance. Despite having a door labeled “pharmacy” and dispensing medications in pill bottles with the unit’s logo, there was no pharmacist on staff, and controlled substance audits were not adequately conducted. The lack of oversight allowed lax prescribing practices to persist within the medical unit.

    The investigation was initiated following complaints about a senior military medical officer assigned to the unit, leading to a separate inquiry into Dr. Ronny Jackson. While not named in the report, Jackson served as director of the White House Medical Unit from 2010 to 2014 and as physician to the president for both Barack Obama and Donald Trump. The report details overspending on brand-name medications, costing taxpayers significantly more than generic alternatives, as well as the routine treatment of individuals not legally eligible for care through the Department of Defense.

    The report makes several recommendations, including the development of policies and procedures for better medication management, pharmaceutical oversight, controls for patient eligibility, and plans to oversee executive medical services. While the Department of Defense’s assistant secretary for health affairs has reportedly agreed with these recommendations, their implementation is still pending. The White House has not immediately commented on the findings or changes made in the medical unit since the investigation concluded. The report sheds light on serious issues within the White House Medical Unit, raising concerns about the misuse of taxpayer funds and the lack of proper controls and oversight in the distribution of medications.

    CNN reported that the White House would announce the results of the inspection later today.

    “I’m going to Walter Reed for a checkup,” the 81-year-old Biden told reporters as he left the White House in a helicopter.

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