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    Trump’s Commanding Lead Over Haley Unshaken in South Carolina, Survey Shows

    Trump Maintains Strong Lead Over Haley in South Carolina, Latest Poll Indicates

    In an exclusive poll conducted by Suffolk University in partnership with Media, Donald Trump is set to significantly outperform Nikki Haley in South Carolina, her own turf, this Saturday. Despite facing numerous controversies and legal issues, Trump’s lead over Haley is substantial, showing no signs of waning.

    The survey, focusing on individuals highly likely to participate in the state’s Republican primary, reveals Trump leading Haley by a nearly 2-to-1 margin, 63% to 35%.

    David Paleologos, the head of the Suffolk University Political Research Center, highlighted,

    “Trump’s overwhelming support in this poll underscores his enduring appeal.”

    He enjoys a robust lead across various demographics, including gender, age groups, and educational backgrounds.

    Despite Haley’s aspirations for a strong performance in South Carolina, where she was elected governor twice, Trump’s current lead surpasses his 19-point victory against Sen. Marco Rubio in Florida during the 2016 primaries—a state where Trump was not a resident until 2019.

    The poll, conducted via landline and cellphone among 500 South Carolina voters deemed “very likely” to vote in the primary or those who had already voted early, has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.4 percentage points.

    Trump’s Appeal Among Military Families

    This month, Trump stirred controversy by making suggestive remarks about Haley’s husband, Michael Haley, who is currently deployed to Africa with the National Guard. Despite Haley’s rebuttal highlighting her husband’s service, Trump still leads among military family voters, 65% to 33%, slightly outpacing his overall lead.

    Comparative Popularity in South Carolina

    Both Trump and Haley enjoy favorable ratings among the primary electorate, yet Trump’s popularity (64%-25%) eclipses Haley’s (47%-36%). Furthermore, Trump has a higher conversion rate of favorable views into primary votes, with 90% of his supporters inclined to vote for him, compared to 65% for Haley.

    Haley does outperform Trump among self-identified liberals or moderates (59%-38%) and slightly among first-time GOP primary voters (51%-49%). Her most significant lead over Trump, 63%-37%, is among voters prioritizing democracy’s future as their top issue. However, only 13% of respondents identified democracy as their primary concern, with the majority (42%) focusing on immigration/border security, a domain where Trump’s support is nearly quadruple that of Haley’s.

    For more insights and detailed coverage on how this political dynamic unfolds on the global stage, click on “World“.

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