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    How much money did Ana Korac spend on cosmetic surgery

    Silicone breasts are about to burst.

    Starlet Ana Korac does not stop attracting the attention of the public with her moves, and it has been written for days about aesthetic corrections and the amount of money she has invested in her appearance.

    Namely, the public was recently shocked by the news that the starlet was doing a bizarre rib removal procedure and that she set aside 7,000 euros for it. However, that is not the only aesthetic operation she had.

    So far, Korac has had breast surgery, for which she paid 3,500 euros, she has had nose surgery several times, which cost her 7,000 euros, she put hyaluronic acid in her lips – 250 euros, she pumped her cheekbones – 200 euros, she paid 800 euros for cat’s eyes. and she also operated on her buttocks in Turkey and paid 5,000 euros for it, and set aside a total of 23,750 euros for corrections and operations.

    Now, with a new post, she has shown that she corrected her eyebrows, so she posed seductively in a silk dress.

    The huge cleavage exposed her silicones so much that it almost fell out too much.

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