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    Gro tells people to only have unprotected sex in December

    Gro Einarsdottir says that the daycare system is faulty. This is stated in her column published on Vísi today, which is written from her experience as a parent. She says that initially, she was happy that her baby would be born early in the year, but when she started looking for a daycare parent, that opinion changed.

    “It is not enough for primary schools to take in children in the autumn, and for kindergartens to take in children in the autumn, but daycare parents do the same. Yet children are born all year round. The number of months of maternity leave does not mean that daycare will start in the autumn. If there is a big enough difference between a 6 ½-year-old child and a 5 ½-year-old child for it to affect them all their lives that they start primary school in the autumn, how much effect does it take to start a ½ year with a daycare parent compared to 1 ½ year? ”

    Gró says that her idea of ​​problems concerning daycare parents was of a different kind than she expected. The problem was first and foremost that daycare parents take in in the autumn.

    “Before I had to face this ridiculous system, I had imagined that the decision when my child started with a daycare parent was’ just ‘about finding a compromise between what was best for it, best for our parents’ work, and best for the family finances. I had read about research that suggests that it is not necessarily good for children to start daycare too early. At the same time, maternity leave is only 10 months. If you want to extend that time, you can extend the holiday for several months, but such dilution will affect your finances. To this is added the issue of equality. If I were to choose to extend my part of the maternity leave, it would not necessarily have a positive effect on my career, my wage development, and equality in the home. In my simplicity, I thought these were enough things to try to take into account. I thought we as a family could decide that for us the best compromise on these views was that our child would be home for a year. But there was one point of view that was missing: namely that it is primarily included in daycare in the autumn. ”

    Three options and three solutions

    Gro was faced with three options, all of which turned her plans upside down and were unfair:

    „1. To extort money from me.

    1. To have my baby start earlier with the day mother

    2. To take a chance and risk not getting a place. “

    “After carefully considering these options, I have come to the conclusion that they are all miserable. Option one is unfair because it is primarily available to parents with good incomes. Option two is not necessarily good for my child. And option three is risky, both in terms of my work and finances if no space becomes available. Such a stupid and unfair system must be tried to change. ”

    Gró also mentions three solutions to this problem. The first option is for more space to be available and the second is for children to be admitted to primary school twice a year. The third option is perhaps the most interesting, but it concerns that unprotected sex would only be allowed in December.

    „1. Offer more space

    1. Admit children to primary school twice a year

    2. Exposed sex only allowed in December

    When only exactly as much space or less space is offered as needed, new children only enter the system when older children graduate. Since there is no slack in the system, the timing is governed by when my infant starts daycare by when a child almost five years older starts school. The only way to avoid this absurdity is to offer more space. Most likely, each daycare parent would need to have at least one empty space in order to accommodate children all year round. But it is very understandable that daycare parents, who are not necessarily known for being the highest-income class, do not want to take on the financial loss of not having as many children in foster care as possible at any given time. Neither daycare parents nor parents benefit from paying for space. ”

    One of the most stupid solutions

    Finally, Gro says that while solutions one and two do not seem to exist. On the table, people who want to have children will only have unprotected sex in December.

    “I think it would be more natural for us as a society to try to correct the fact that primary schools start in the autumn, but children are born all year round. If we as a society think that it is too expensive to subsidize the fact that daycare offers more space, then there is another possibility to have the primary schools start both in the autumn and in the spring. If elementary schools come in twice a year, then kindergartens could start doing that too, which means that daycare parents could do the same.

    This would also erase the unfair advantage that primary school children born early in the year have over those born later in the year. But while neither the first nor the second solution is available, it is the last and most stupid solution that is faced. That’s the only way to escape the absurdity of the daycare system. I would like to give this advice to all those who dream of becoming a parent:

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