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    Actresses in the clutches of the powerful: Abuse shakes the Hollywood film industry

    Numerous actresses rose up against the famous producer Harvey Weinstein, openly admitting that he intimately blackmailed and even blackmailed them for the role.

    – He pushed me and ordered me to shut up. He took off his pants and underpants so that he could be satisfied. It ended quickly and it was disgusting – admitted the journalist of the local New York television, Lauren Sivan.

    At the same time, actress Ashley Judd has revealed that his behavior is a public secret in Hollywood that women have been talking about for years. But this is certainly not the first, and it is unlikely to be the last case of intimate harassment and blackmail in show business.

    Actor Errol Flynn was in a love affair with Beverly Aadland for two years, which they started when she was 15 years old. At the time of the affair, Flynn had already been indicted, but not found guilty, of two cases of rape of minors in 1942.

    – He was just too strong for me. I cried. At one point, he tore my dress. Then he took me to another room and I was still crying. “What my mother will tell me” kept running through my head – Aadland told the beginning of their acquaintance, admitting that she ended up in a relationship with him out of fear.

    Marilyn Monroe was well acquainted with perverts and extortionists in the film industry. In her memoir “My Story” she wrote:

    “I met them all. They were all fakes and nonsense. Some were vicious and corrupt, but they were as close to the film as possible. So I sat with them, listening to their lies and immoral offers. In their eyes, you could see Hollywood, a crowded brothel, the merry company of falling into everyone’s bed. “

    Latest Posts


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