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    Durex Launches Innovative Condom to Combat Rising STI Rates in the UK

    Durex Seeks Testers for Thinnest Condom Ever, Aiming to Promote Safe Sex and Pleasure

    In response to a concerning nearly 24 percent increase in sexually transmitted infection (STI) diagnoses among England residents from 2021 to 2022, as reported by the UK government, Durex, a leading condom brand, is taking proactive steps to encourage safe sex practices. A recent survey conducted by Durex revealed that 62 percent of sexually active UK adults either do not use condoms or use them infrequently. Reasons cited for this trend include perceived reduced sensation (19 percent of respondents), less spontaneous sex (18 percent), and the belief that condoms dampen the mood (11 percent).

    Determined to reverse these statistics and promote safer sexual encounters, Durex has unveiled its latest innovation, the Durex Nude condom. This new product is touted as the thinnest and most innovative condom in the brand’s history. To demonstrate their confidence that the Nude condom will not diminish sexual pleasure, Durex is launching a unique campaign.

    From now until September 21, Durex is seeking 50 testers to evaluate the performance of the Nude condom. These testers will be rewarded with £100 in exchange for their reviews. Durex aims to show that condoms can enhance, rather than hinder, the overall experience of sexual intimacy.

    Nikki Hayward, Durex’s category marketing manager, expressed the company’s commitment to the campaign, stating, “We’re so confident that this condom will be a game changer when it comes to proving that condoms can actually make sex MORE enjoyable, that we’re putting our money where our mouth is, and recruiting our very own team of paid condom testers from across the UK, who we’re inviting to give honest and open reviews about their sexual experiences while using the Nude range.”

    According to Durex’s research, sexually active UK adults engaged in sexual activity an average of 94 times over the past year. For those aged 18-34, this number increases to 140. The study also found that the average sexually active individual had at least four sexual partners in the past year. Surprisingly, one in ten respondents preferred using condoms during sex to avoid mess, and an equal number felt that not wearing a condom reduced pleasure due to concerns about withdrawal.

    Moreover, seven percent of survey participants believed that thin condoms provided an experience similar to having no condom at all. The 50 fortunate testers selected for the campaign will have the opportunity to assess this firsthand.

    To enter the campaign, individuals can comment on Durex’s call-out post on Instagram. The 50 winners will be chosen at random and will receive Durex Nude condoms, Durex lubricant, a measurement guide to find their ideal condom fit, and a QR code. To claim the £100 reward, winners are required to submit a review on the Durex website accessible through the QR code. The contest is open from 9 a.m. BST on September 13 to 11:59 p.m. BST on September 21, providing a unique opportunity to contribute to promoting safe and pleasurable sexual experiences.

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