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    Seven Basic: How do different emotions affect our organs?

    In traditional Chinese medicine, there are seven basic emotions – anger, happiness, sadness, worry, thoughtfulness, fear, and shock, and each is related to organ health.

    Anger is associated with resentment, anger, and frustration. If a person does not face it, it can become a trigger for headaches and high blood pressure. People who are prone to stomach problems due to anger will suffer from gastritis or stomach ulcers. It also damages the liver, so it works under load. The thumbs are connected to our stomach, and you can help yourself with a massage. Thumbs should be massaged 3 to 10 times in width and length.

    Happiness when it is too intense and lasting can have a negative effect on the heart. This shows that moderation is needed in everything.

    Care harms the spleen. When we think too much about bad things and worry, our spleen and stomach suffer. Our digestive system is deteriorating.

    Fear harms the kidneys. Our energy drops, which causes us to be unable to retain urine and feces. Depression negatively affects the lungs. Excessive sadness and grief reduce the energy of the lungs.

    Excitement, even positive, can cause nervousness, insomnia and heart palpitations. These symptoms usually indicate emotional instability.

    Latest Posts


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