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    After about 20 years of pretense, people are shocked by the documentary about Paris Hilton

    Paris Hilton has been famous for two decades, and if you ask most people, they will describe her as a stupid blonde with a bunch of money.

    While the part with the hunt can’t be disputed, the documentary This Is Paris completely breaks down prejudices about the stupid blonde. Paris currently has 19 product lines with its name and spends as much as two-thirds of the year traveling on business.

    In the documentary, she also spoke about the abuse she experienced as a teenager.

    As her parents could not control her, they sent her to a boarding school in Provo Canyon, Utah. Paris claims that the school staff “burned” at the abuse of children and at taking them off and torturing them. She claims that she was physically and mentally abused and beaten and that she was forced to take medication. She is not the only one who went through that, she says, and today people who have experienced the same thing call her.

    See the full documentary below:

    One of the more bizarre things that can be seen in the documentary is her changing voices. That caricatured voice that the 39-year-old has been speaking in front of the camera all these years is not really her real voice. Moreover, she has more voices that she changes at will.

    At the beginning of the documentary, he says “This is Paris Hilton” in front of the microphone in 11 different ways.

    In a recent interview for the Australian morning show Sunrise, she stated that she has been playing the character of a stupid blonde all this time.

    – All this time I’m acting something so that the world would never really know who I am. The real me is actually pretty smart and I’m not a stupid blonde. I’m just really good at pretending I am, she said in a deep voice.

    Asked why she has now decided to find out who she is, she replied: “I think it’s time for the world to know who I am. I feel like I’ve been through a lot and people have prejudices and concretized opinions about me.”

    She added that she thought about how she wanted to be remembered.

    – I don’t want to be remembered as a hollow-headed person. I want to be respected as a business woman, she added.

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