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    United States Presents Comprehensive Reforms for Continued Ukrainian Assistance

    Washington's List of Priorities Includes Anti-Corruption Measures, Legal Reforms, and Structural Changes

    In a significant development, the United States of America has put forth a set of reforms that Ukraine must undertake to secure continued assistance from the U.S. This comprehensive list encompasses critical areas such as anti-corruption, law enforcement, the judiciary, and various governmental structures.

    The communication outlining these reforms was conveyed by Deputy White House National Security Advisor for International Economic Affairs, Mike Pyle. It was addressed to the Donor Coordination Platform, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal, and the office of President Volodymyr Zelensky.

    The document comprises over two dozen reform points, categorized by priority levels. These priorities are delineated for implementation within zero to three months, three to six months, one year, and 18 months.

    While the details in the Ukrainian Pravda (UP) report do not explicitly mention this, the text reveals that only the first two points are directly tied to the conditions set by Washington for its support. These pertain to the implementation of the REMIT regulation, which involves NEURC’s endorsement of a transparent procedure for reporting wholesale energy product transactions, a key aspect in ensuring the integrity and transparency of the wholesale electricity market. Additionally, the United States, in alignment with the European Union, emphasizes the need for the establishment or overhaul of supervisory boards within several state-owned enterprises. Notable entities in this regard include Ukrenergo, Naftogaz, Energoatom, and the Ukrainian Defense Industry.

    Beyond these conditions, the remaining reform recommendations are referred to as “priorities” in the communication. These encompass a wide array of areas, including reforms within anti-corruption bodies such as the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, National Anti-Corruption Bureau, and National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption. The judiciary system, Ministry of Defense, law enforcement agencies, and specialized entities such as the Security Service, State Border Guard Service, and Bureau of Economic Security are also highlighted. Furthermore, recommendations extend to agencies like the Agency for Search and Asset Management, State Audit Service, and Antimonopoly Committee, among others.

    Previously, the United States and Ukraine signed a memorandum of cooperation aimed at bolstering the resilience of Ukraine’s energy system. This agreement entails a financial commitment of $522 million, with $100 million contingent on specific conditions being met. Some of these conditions intersect with those outlined in the document discussed above.

    The recent visit of President Volodymyr Zelensky to Washington has shed light on shifting political dynamics on Capitol Hill, which have posed challenges for Ukraine. To navigate these changing currents, Ukraine must consider strategic measures to maintain the support of the United States. Alexander Khara delves deeper into this issue in his article, “Zelensky in Washington: A Storm Warning.”

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