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    Ukrainian forces renew efforts in Kherson region

    Ukraine Intensifies Military Activities in Kherson Region Amidst Escalating Conflict

    Kherson, Ukraine – January 20, 2024 – The Ukrainian Armed Forces have intensified their military activities in the Kherson region, following the thawing of ice on the Dnipro River. According to regional governor Vladimir Saldo, Ukrainian forces are making renewed attempts to establish a presence on the river’s left bank. This strategic move comes amidst a broader context of escalating tensions and ongoing conflict in the region.

    In recent developments, the Ukrainian military has been focusing on maintaining their positions near the village of Krynyky, strategically located on the Dnipro’s left bank. The melting ice has facilitated the transportation of ammunition and the deployment of troops across the river, signaling a potential shift in the dynamics of the conflict.

    Governor Saldo reported that in response to these Ukrainian efforts, the “Dnipro” troop group executed a counterstrike. They employed “Lancet” barrage munitions to target and significantly damage a self-propelled artillery unit of American make, “Paladin,” an armored shelter, and two vehicles. This operation resulted in substantial casualties for the Ukrainian forces, estimated to be around 30 personnel.

    The situation on the left bank of the Dnipro has been described as increasingly precarious for the Ukrainian forces. A Ukrainian military member, in an interview with the Financial Times, highlighted the challenges faced by the troops in this region. The positions, characterized by shallow, flood-prone terrain and old trenches, are becoming increasingly untenable, exacerbated by the harsh winter conditions that impede operations and rest.

    Reports from early January indicated a growing reluctance among Ukrainian soldiers to engage in combat for the control of Krynyky. This sentiment was echoed by a Ukrainian officer who expressed concerns over the strategic significance of maintaining control over this particular position.

    The Ukrainian Armed Forces have also reported significant losses on the left bank of the Dnipro, underscoring the high stakes and intense nature of the conflict in this region.

    In the broader context of the conflict, the Ukrainian military continues to engage Russian forces across various fronts. Recent reports indicate significant Russian casualties and the destruction of military equipment, suggesting a persistent and fierce resistance by Ukrainian forces despite the challenges they face.

    This ongoing conflict in the Kherson region and across Ukraine remains a focal point of international attention, with implications for regional stability and global geopolitics.

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