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    Hollywood’s Hidden Golfer: The Multifaceted Talents of the 26-Year-Old Actress

    From the Silver Screen to the Fairway: Her Journey of Acting and Golfing Excellence

    In the glittering constellation of Hollywood stars, there exists a remarkable talent—a 26-year-old actress whose prowess extends beyond the realms of the silver screen. Not only has she graced our screens in acclaimed productions like “Big Little Lies,” “Ben Is Back,” “Blockers,” and “Freaky,” but she has also etched her name in the annals of golfing excellence. A true polymath, she chose to forego the allure of playing for USC, opting instead to cultivate an enviable resume that boasts a spectrum of cinematic achievements.

    This remarkable individual is none other than Kathryn Newton, a luminary who shines not only in the spotlight of Tinseltown but also on the lush greens of the golf course. A formidable athlete in her own right, she played a pivotal role in leading her Notre Dame High School golf team to a triumphant reign, securing three championship titles as a testament to her unwavering dedication and skill.

    Despite the captivating allure of Hollywood’s siren song, Kathryn Newton never truly left her first love—the sport of golf. Whenever the tumultuous tides of her bustling schedule permit, she returns to the hallowed fairways, wielding her golf clubs with the same passion and precision that have come to define her career.

    As we pause to admire her multifaceted journey, we find her on the cusp of a golfing odyssey, set to partake in a series of high-profile tournaments that will take her across continents. Her itinerary reads like a dream for any golf enthusiast, encompassing the Omega Masters in Switzerland (Aug. 31 to Sept. 3), the BMW Wentworth Championship in London (Sept. 12), the Ryder Cup in Rome, where she will represent the PGA & European Tour (Sept. 22), and the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship in Scotland (Oct. 12).

    In a candid moment during a video call from Switzerland, Kathryn reflects on her return to the golf course with a sense of profound gratitude, stating, “With this downtime, I immediately was like, ‘Wow, I get to go back to my roots.’ I get to go back to this other person who also exists and has this cool thing she likes to do.”

    A natural question arises: How does one support their passion for golf while navigating the demanding terrain of the film industry?

    Kathryn Newton reveals her best-kept secret, a subtle thread woven into the fabric of her illustrious filmography—golf is always present in the backdrop of her cinematic journey. She fondly recalls instances where golf made unexpected appearances, such as using a 7-iron to escape in “Paranormal 4” or engaging in mini-golf with Jensen Ackles on “Supernatural.” Her journey into the world of acting itself was intertwined with her love for golf. At 11 years old, while auditioning for “Gary Unmarried,” she initially hesitated, as she had the opportunity to participate in a kids’ U.S. Open Championship at Pinehurst in North Carolina. However, the director, Jim Burrows, recognized her passion and inquired extensively about her golfing exploits, which ultimately paved the way for her role as Louise Brooks, a phenomenal golfer, on the sitcom.

    The benefits of golf in her career extend far beyond the silver screen. Kathryn emphasizes how her background in golf has bestowed her with the attributes of an athlete, which proved invaluable when working on a Marvel movie and navigating the rigorous demands of film sets. Her physical stamina and robust health, cultivated through golf, serve as a testament to the sport’s prowess in promoting both physical and mental well-being. In her words, “Golf can be great not just for physical health but for mental health as well. That’s why I think golf is such a cool sport because you don’t have to be super fit to play it, and you can just go play nine holes with your friends.”

    However, Kathryn Newton is refreshingly candid about one aspect of her golfing persona—her inclination towards camaraderie over competition. She humorously admits to amassing numerous second-place trophies due to her predilection for fostering friendships rather than clinching victory. Yet, this attribute has found resonance in her acting career, an arena where success is often subjective. She elaborates, “If you’re working at all, you’re very lucky and you’re probably a good actor. In golf, you either win or you lose and no one can take it from you. Even with the pros, they start over again next week and everyone is back to ground zero. There’s something really humbling about that. The grind never stops. It’s the same in life. You reach a certain level in your career or in your life and you have to keep working.”

    As Kathryn reflects on her most recent golfing triumph, she regales us with the tale of a remarkable shot that transpired at the Liverpool Open on the 18th hole. With impeccable finesse, she holed out from a bunker, underscoring the unpredictability and exhilaration that define the sport of golf. In her words, “That’s how golf is — you think you’re done and then all of a sudden you do something amazing. Just like life. It just keeps getting better. You have to keep dreaming.”

    The inevitable question arises: What if Kathryn had chosen golf over Hollywood? She responds with a wisdom that belies her years, “I feel like I never had to give up on either one. People ask me that a lot, and I feel like I’ve done a really good thing of proving that you don’t ever have to quit something that you love.” Her unique position allows her to contribute more to the game of golf as an advocate than if she were a professional golfer, as her advocacy spans beyond the confines of the fairway, reaching the hearts and minds of enthusiasts worldwide.

    In the captivating world of cinema, Kathryn Newton has forged bonds with an array of distinguished actors. Her shared love for golf has become a bridge that connects her with unexpected golfing enthusiasts within the industry. She enthusiastically shares, “This is why I want people to learn because so many people play and it’s helped me so much. We always had a common ground with golf. We could talk about the pros that were playing or talk about my golf game or their golf game. It opened a lot of doors for me.” Even in situations where common ground is scarce, a round of golf can be the great equalizer, facilitating meaningful connections. She reveals a delightful anecdote about her desire to play golf with Michael Douglas while filming “Ant-Man,” illustrating how golf transcends the boundaries of profession and status, offering a unique opportunity for bonding.

    In the captivating narrative of Kathryn Newton’s life, the fusion of Hollywood and golf forms a harmonious symphony. Her story serves as a testament to the limitless possibilities that arise when one ardently pursues their passions, embracing both the dazzling lights of the silver screen and the serene beauty of the golf course. As she embarks on a golfing odyssey that spans continents and tournaments, we are left with the resounding message that dreams need not be abandoned, but rather, they can intertwine and enrich the tapestry of one’s life, just as they have for this remarkable actress and golfer.

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