Monday, June 17, 2024

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    Netflix leader: Working from home has negative consequences

    Impressed by the dedication of the people

    The head of Netflix said that working from home has no positive effect and makes it difficult to discuss ideas.

    However, Reed Hastings, who founded the company, also said its 8,600 employees will not work from the office until most of them receive the coronavirus vaccine.

    He also announced that most people would continue to work from home at least one day a week even after the end of the pandemic.

    A new marketing campaign by the UK government is now asking workers to return to jobs.

    “The impossibility of personal gathering, especially at the international level, has exclusively negative consequences,” Hastings told the Wall Street Journal.

    “I am extremely impressed with the dedication of the people,” he added.

    Netflix is ​​present in nearly 200 million households worldwide, and the company has continued to produce its own series, documentaries, and feature films despite the pandemic.

    However, other leading technology companies have suggested that employees never return to the office.

    In May, Twitter announced that its employees could work from home “forever”.

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