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    They disseminate the protocol for the return of the public to the fields in Argentina-Bolivia

    The Monumental stadium will be the scene of the pilot test that will take place in next Thursday’s game valid for the South American Qualifiers.

    The circulation permit with the coronavirus self-diagnosis up to date, the permanent use of the chinstrap, and the application of sanitizing solutions will be part of the protocol with which the public will return to the Argentine courts, a pilot test that will be done in the match that the selection Nacional will play next Thursday with Bolivia, on River’s court, for the Qualifiers for Qatar 2022.

    The allowed capacity will be 30 percent of the Monumental stadium, the scene of the meeting for the tenth date of the qualifying contest for the World Cup next year, and the results of this experience will allow evaluating the possibility of moving towards the enabling of other activities with the presence of the public.

    The protocol was designed by officials from the national ministries of Health, Security, Tourism and Sports and the Ministry of Innovation; of Security of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, and representatives of the Argentine Soccer Association (AFA) in different work meetings.

    Among the outgoing requirements to enter the stadium, spectators must present ID, entry, and have the Caring application enabled. For this, they must process the circulation permit to attend mass events and carry out the self-diagnosis on the day of the match, like an affidavit.

    The application will not allow you to manage the permit if the person has a positive Covid-19 diagnosis associated with it, if it is a close contact of a positive case or if they are obliged to quarantine for having traveled abroad. The data will be cross-referenced with the National Health Surveillance System.

    In addition, to these requirements, before entering the stadium, the organizations that participated in the elaboration of the protocol disseminated the circulation requirements in the vicinity of the Monumental.

    In this regard, they established that the permanent and correct use of the mask will be mandatory in the vicinity of the stadium, once the person is in the area defined by the entry control rings, which will be arranged with established corridors that allow their ordering.

    All accesses enabled for entry must favor circulation to minimize crowding, for which there will be volunteers at different points with sanitizing solutions that allow hand hygiene.

    Inside the stadium, a 30% capacity was established between stalls, and popular to use the largest number of spaces in the River Plate club stadium.

    From the calculation of the capacity, only televising, broadcasting teams, operators, security personnel, support, volunteers, players, and coaching staff will be excepted.

    The permanent and correct use of the mask will be mandatory, which must cover the nose, mouth, and chin.

    Gastronomy will not be enabled to prevent people from spending several minutes without the chinstrap and only water will be sold.

    The public may enter with disposable sanitizing towels, but the entry of alcohol-based solutions in any of its formulations will be prohibited.

    People or groups of people (maximum five per group) must respect physical distancing, once they are located in the assigned places, they will be asked to minimize the instances of displacement, being subject to the entry to the toilets, as well as to the entry and egress from the stadium.

    Failure to comply with the prevention measures and their persistence in the face of the warning of control and security personnel may be grounds for withdrawal from the stadium.

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