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    Tom Ford names Matt Gal – “Costumed party”

    These used to be very chic people who wore very nice clothes, said the fashion designer

    The Met Gala or the “Greatest Night of Fashion” is a festive event that brings together celebrities from various fields of art every year. Being on the guestlist used to be an honor and a privilege, and today the criteria for choosing guests have changed drastically.

    This gradual change was also recognized by fashion designer Tom Ford, who commented for the American media on the creations that have marked the Met Gala in the last few years. With his criticism, he skillfully aimed at the stylists of public figures, but also at Anna Wintour – the editor-in-chief of the magazine “Vogue”, an influential figure in the world of fashion without whom the Matt Gala cannot be sustained.

    Tom Ford names Matt Gal - Costumed party

    • These used to be very chic people who wore very nice clothes – he said, adding:

    “It’s all turned into a costume party,” Tom Ford told former New York magazine editor Amy Odell. She published his words in her book “Ana: Biography”.

    According to the book, Ford sharply criticized the new fashion, pointing out that the person did not have to look like a hamburger, for example, alluding to the costume Katy Perry wore three years ago to the event or chandelier to be glamorous.

    • You didn’t have to look like you came from the 18th century, you didn’t have to look like a hamburger, you didn’t have to come in the van you were standing in because you were wearing a chandelier – reports “Page six”

    Unlike Tom Ford, Lisa Leo has an understanding of the changes seen on the red carpet of the Met Gale, explaining that they are a reflection of “the English one” in the person of Ana Wintour.

    “She likes costume parties,” said Ana’s friend.

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