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    Ukraine Considers Import Ban on Polish Agricultural Goods Amid Trade Tensions

    Reciprocal Measures Loom as Poland Extends Restrictions on Ukrainian Grain and Food Imports

    In response to Poland’s recent extension of import restrictions on Ukrainian grain and food products, Ukraine is contemplating the imposition of an import ban on certain agricultural goods from Poland. Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine and Trade Representative, Taras Kachka, revealed this in an interview with Rzeczpospolita.

    The trade tensions escalated after Poland, a member of the European Union, expanded its list of restricted Ukrainian agricultural products to include flour, bran, and meal, on top of the initial four items.

    Kachka criticized Poland’s move as an arbitrary extension of the EU ban and hinted at potential reciprocal measures. He emphasized Ukraine’s desire to encourage Poland to reconsider these restrictions and engage in dialogue to find a mutually beneficial solution. The trade representative assured that the Ukrainian food supply would remain unaffected under the Ministry of Economy’s control.

    In response to Poland’s actions, Ukrainian authorities are considering the imposition of an embargo on onions, tomatoes, cabbage, and apples from Poland in the coming days. Kachka reiterated Ukraine’s commitment to maintaining a constructive relationship with Poland and resolving the trade dispute through dialogue.

    On September 15, the European Commission chose not to extend restrictions on the import of Ukrainian agricultural products into five EU member states. However, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary independently opted to continue their bans on specific Ukrainian food products.

    In Brussels, Ukraine presented proposals for the future export of its grain to European territories, including the establishment of an export permit system. Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal separately discussed potential export compromises. The ongoing negotiations aim to find a balanced resolution to the trade issues between Ukraine and the EU.

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