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    Suits Dominates Streaming Charts for Ninth Week in a Row, but a New Challenger Emerges

    Nielsen's Weekly Streaming Rankings Reveal Shifting Trends in Viewer Preferences

    In a testament to its enduring popularity, the legal drama “Suits” has maintained its stranglehold on the streaming TV charts for the ninth consecutive week. Available for streaming on Netflix and Peacock, this beloved series has once again secured its place at the top of Nielsen’s weekly rankings, solidifying its status as a fan favorite. However, as the saying goes, all streaks must eventually come to an end, and while “Suits” extended one impressive streak, it also witnessed another streak concluding.

    During the week of August 14-20, “Suits” demonstrated its unmatched appeal by more than doubling the total viewing time of the second-place show, Netflix’s “Painkiller.” Despite its continued dominance, there was a noticeable dip in the total viewing time for “Suits,” marking the first time it fell below the 3 billion-minute mark since the week of June 19-25. Nevertheless, the series maintained its strength with an impressive 2.84 billion minutes of viewing, a figure that would still be the envy of many other shows.

    It’s worth noting that “Suits” had previously set a Nielsen record by achieving over 3 billion minutes of viewing for seven consecutive weeks, a remarkable feat in the world of streaming content. In 2023, only two other shows, “Outer Banks” and “The Night Agent,” managed to reach this milestone, and both did so for just one week each.

    Meanwhile, in the realm of original series, “Painkiller” emerged as the leader of the pack with 1.12 billion minutes of watch time. This newcomer surged ahead of the prior week’s leader, “The Lincoln Lawyer,” which slipped to second place with 768 million minutes. A notable addition to the original series top 10 was the premiere of the docuseries “Depp v. Heard,” which captivated viewers with 704 million minutes of viewing, securing its place in the top three.

    In the world of animated children’s programming, “Bluey” continued its exceptional run with yet another week of over a billion minutes of viewing. This heartwarming show, available for streaming on Disney+, garnered an impressive 1.01 billion minutes of watch time, marking the sixth consecutive week it crossed the billion-minute threshold. Additionally, HBO’s comedy series “Ballers,” which made its Netflix debut on August 15, made a splash by entering the overall top 10 with 696 million minutes. Notably, “Ballers” is also available for streaming on HBO’s sibling platform, Max.

    As a reminder, it’s essential to note that Nielsen’s streaming ratings exclusively cover viewing on TV sets and do not encompass minutes watched on computers or mobile devices. Furthermore, these ratings exclusively measure U.S. audiences and do not include international viewership data. The top streaming titles for the week of August 14-20 are listed below, providing a fascinating snapshot of viewer preferences in the ever-evolving landscape of streaming entertainment.

    Top Streaming Titles for August 14-20:

    1. “Suits” (Netflix and Peacock)
    2. “Painkiller” (Netflix)
    3. “The Lincoln Lawyer” (Streaming Platform)
    4. “Depp v. Heard” (Streaming Platform)
    5. “Bluey” (Disney+)
    6. “Ballers” (Netflix and HBO Max)

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