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    Expert Insights: State Measures to Facilitate Migrant Worker Recruitment in Business

    Discover How Experts Recommend State Assistance for Migrant Worker Recruitment - MegaloPreneur

    how the state can assist businesses attract migrant workers – expert
    Much depends on whether they are from a “visa-free” or “visa” country for employees.
    In today’s reality, Ukraine’s sole advantage is to rapidly enable employers to attract foreigners if they cannot find Ukrainians. There are several groups of foreign workers. This was stated in an interview MegaloPreneur, with migration policy expert Andrey Haydutskiy: “Ukraine needs millions of new taxpayers.”

    Firstly, if they are citizens from a visa-free country, the employer should be able to invite them and simultaneously initiate the work permit process.

    Secondly, citizens from visa countries with valid visas from EU/Schengen zone, USA, and Canada. They could also be allowed to enter visa-free for work by invitation and start legalizing documents in Ukraine simultaneously. It makes no sense to issue them a visa at the Ukrainian consulate if they have already undergone compliance and consulate control in another developed country. Such an approach is already practiced in other countries.

    Thirdly, citizens from visa countries whose Ukrainian visa has expired. They also represent potentially “inexpensive” labor, former graduates of Ukrainian universities. Their attraction should be simplified, and they should move through a separate priority queue at consulates.

    Fourthly, inviting other citizens from visa countries by reviewing the conditions of their attraction with the needs of employers taken into account.

    To assist businesses in attracting migrant workers, the state should streamline visa procedures, offer incentives for hiring migrants, and provide support for their integration into the labor market. Additionally, educational programs to address language and cultural barriers can facilitate smoother transitions for migrant workers.

    To delve deeper into strategies for effectively attracting migrant workers and the role of the state in facilitating this process, click ‘Business‘ to explore further insights from industry experts and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

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