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    With these tricks, bananas will stay fresh longer

    An alternative is to make banana pudding

    Do you want bananas to last longer? “Reader’s Digest” brings six tricks that can help keep bananas fresh, and as an alternative, he makes banana pudding.

    Hang them

    It turns out that there is a scientific reason why bananas should be hung. Bananas begin to ripen as soon as they are picked from the trees, but the action of the ethylene released is slower when the banana hangs. Bananas that hang will also not rot because of the substrate on which they would otherwise stand.

    Buy green bananas

    The easiest way to extend the shelf life of bananas is to buy the greenest you can find. They are harvested while still green and then ripen over time. Instead of buying ripe bananas, take greens and watch them ripen as they hang.

    Wrap them in plastic wrap

    Since ethylene is released from the stalk, you can wrap that part of the banana with plastic or aluminum foil to slow down the ripening process. For best results, you need to wrap each banana individually.

    Put ripe bananas in the fridge

    One of the unwritten rules when it comes to bananas is not to put them in the fridge. Green bananas should definitely be kept as far away as possible, but you can easily put ripe bananas in the fridge to slow down their further ripening, at least for a few days.

    Freeze them

    Freezing bananas is one of the easiest ways to preserve them for future use, but care should be taken because if you freeze a banana riot, you could have trouble defrosting. Experts, therefore, recommend freezing peeled and sliced ​​bananas into airtight bags.

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